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Support our staff at this difficult time

Dancers! The life of a professional country dance musician is economically challenging at the best of time. They bring us joy, and we can't afford to pay them what their talents would be worth if they were playing in more popular genres, and stringing together enough gigs of various kinds to do without a day job keeps you busy enough that you can't have a day job. With the COVID-19 outbreak and the social distancing measures being taken to slow transmission, gigs of all kinds are drying up - camps, weekends, house concerts, balls are canceled or postponed indefinitely.

So this would be a great time to buy a CD from a professional country dance musician, or subscribe to their Patreon, or support their Kickstarter for a project they're working on, or commission a tune, or buy their tunebook, or book a music lesson over Skype. You'll get to enjoy the music you love even when there are no dances, and you'll help keep the artists around for when we can dance again.

This page is meant to help you do that. We're not doing any affiliate business and BACDS will get no revenue from this. These will be links provided by the artists directly and you'll deal with them or with Patreon/Kickstarter/Bandcamp/Etsy or wherever their links go.

Musicians! If you've ever been booked for a BACDS dance/camp/ball/workshop and if these shutdowns are presenting you with any financial hardship, please write to and give us your name and a few links with brief blurbs. (In an ideal world you'd have a website with a page of links to purchase merch, support projects, etc, and you'd just give us a link to that page, but we know that's not workable for everybody, so let's say up to 5 links, and they'll end up on this page.

If you must send us some spam, please send it here.