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Swinging On The Gate

A great gift for your dancer and musician friends!

Swinging On
The Gate cover

A before breakfast discussion with Tee McDonald led to this wonderfully eclectic mix of fiddle music. Originally conceived as a showcase for the contra dance bands of BACDS, it now provides a tantalizing glimpse into the beautiful music of English country dance as well. Both styles touch my heart, along with the musicians who play them, and I am deeply grateful to BACDS for supporting this wonderful community.
--Rebecca King

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Produced with the financial assistance of the May Gadd/Phil Merrill Endowment Fund of the Country Dance and Song Society.

Executive Producer, Rebecca King
Session Producer, Daniel Steinberg
Recording Engineer, Derek Bianchi
Art Design, Carolyn Cirimele
Back cover photo, Joel King and Kevin Olson

Recorded and engineered at Muscle Tone Studios, Berkeley, CA.

Special thanks to Nick Cuccia, Alan Winston, Tee McDonald, Howard Booster, Craig Johnson, and Charlie Hancock.

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