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Weekend and Week-long Dance and Music Camps

BACDS operates a number of weekend and week-long dance and music camps catering to the needs of our community. Our camps cover a wide range of family friendliness and coverage of dance and musical traditions. Many are fragrance-free events.

Weekend Camps

Spring Fever

Spring Fever is on indefinite hiatus. There is no current plan for it to return.

Balance the Bay!

Balance the Bay is an urban Contra dance weekend held in San Francisco just a quarter mile from Ocean Beach. The weekend features high energy contra dancing, plus workshops in couple dancing, music, and calling. Balance the Bay is generally held on the second weekend in August at the Janet Pomeroy Center overlooking Lake Merced. Come experience the cool of summer in San Francisco! For more information, please visit the website

Fall Weekend/Fall Frolick

Typically held on the weekend containing the third Sunday in October. Click the link above for the camp website with details on the amazing staff.

Through 2007, BACDS Fall Weekend was a family-friendly multi-tradition camp at the Monte Toyon camp near Aptos. Since 2008, Fall Frolick has been a primarily English country and display (morris/sword, etc) dance weekend, with a strong music and singing track.

Contra College

Contra College is an intimate environment focused on teaching Contra dance to new and intermediate dancers. Experienced dancers can improve their skills, help newer dancers, or practice the other gender role. There is ample time to ask questions and to work on basic elements of the dance that enhance the quality of interaction with partners and neighbors. Contra Colleges are held on weekends with a Saturday night contra dance; the perfect way to put lessons into practice.

For more info please visit the website.

Week-Long Camps

American Week

Many years after its first camp at the Mendocino Woodlands in 1981, BACDS American Dance & Music Week continues this long tradition at our convenient Bay Area location. Join us for contras, squares, music, singing, and general fun in our new home on the San Francisco Peninsula at Jones Gulch YMCA Camp in the redwoods of La Honda, California. For more information about this year's camp's program and schedule, please visit the camp website.

Family Week

Looking for a fun-filled week of dance, song, crafts, and activities for families of all sizes and ages? BACDS Family Week is the camp for you. Its program includes both age-specific and age-neutral activites, and is the ideal activity for families of all sizes (including families of one).

BACDS Family Week, founded in 1992, has more recently been held at the convenient location of Monte Toyon Camp in Aptos, near Santa Cruz.

For more information about the most timely camp's program and schedule, please visit the camp website.

Hey Days (formerly English Dance Week)

In 2019, Hey Days moves to Sonoma State University, still in the Sonoma County Wine Country of Northerh California. BACDS English Dance and Music Week will continue the tradition of offering a fabulous array of workshops and music presented by the finest regional, national and international musicians and leaders of English country dance, display dance, song, and more. In 2019 the camp will be held July 7-14.

For more information about the camp's program and schedule, please visit the camp website.

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