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The BACDS-wide COVID status for Mar. 24 - 30, 2023 is GREEN .

BACDS COVID Safety Policy Info (version of 21 December 2022)

BACDS as an organization believes that country dancing helps bring joy, beauty, friendship and community to the world, and we've been eager to return to our mission of doing that in person. But we certainly don't want to find we've hosted a superspreader event! So we've worked with dancers with medical and biological expertise to produce a system that we believe will allow us to return to dancing in tolerable safety even as COVID-19 continues to mutate. Instead of one set of precautions in all situations, BACDS' requirements are adjusted up or down to reflect the CDC's color-coded risk levels.

We also are happy that the "Oddly Even Sundays" online English dance series will be continuing for those who are uncomfortable dancing in person, geographically disfavored, or just enjoy it, and we still have (in December 2022) an active grant for the Odd Sundays Garage Band to produce more recordings.

Our reopening task force first presented a report to the Board at the March 17 2022 meeting and it was adopted as policy, and since revised in September 2022. The most recent full policy is linked below in the "Documents" section, but the actionable items - what we expect from dancers, dance managers and programmers, staff (callers, musicians, sound techs) are spelled out in the safety requirements for each CDC risk level.

Our COVID precautions will take more volunteer effort than running dances before the pandemic, so if you want your favorite dance to resume - or to stay resumed - you should consider volunteering.

We regret that we are not currently able to welcome dancers or staff who are unvaccinated, for whatever reason. We must wear masks in the dance hall; vaccination and (as of February 1, 2023) bivalent booster are required; and we ask that everyone stay home when they or someone else in the household is sick or tests positive. The Board will be reviewing developments each month and all these guidelines may be subject to change.

Thank you for sticking with us during these difficult times, and we hope to see you at a dance soon!

In order to be able to keep holding dances even at higher risk levels, we have established safety requirements for each level, listed below. Dance organizers may choose to cancel dances or make stricter requirements.


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