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Work-Trade Scholarships

Because The Bishop's Ranch provides all dining hall support and other basic services, we do not need all participants to sign up for a chore. However, we have important tasks, such as dance floor maintenance, auction set up, snacks, and camp set up and strike, for which we need Work-Trade scholarship folks.

Work-Trade Scholarship jobs at Hey Days will include moving furniture on the first day to set up camp and again on the day of departure. Therefore, you must be able to arrive early on the first day and stay late on the last day. During the week of camp, jobs will include organizing and serving snacks, helping with outdoor activities and the auction, sweeping dance floors, monitoring fragrance-free products, and performing unforeseen tasks.

All are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which reduces the registration fee to $620.

To apply for a Work-Trade Scholarship, check the appropriate box on one of the Hey Days registration forms from the registration page (a PDF to print and mail, or use the online form) or use the registration form in the brochure. Regardless of method, make sure to send a deposit.

And submit an online Work-Trade Scholarship Questionnaire (this is our preferred method regardless of whether you send your registration via snail mail or online). Or you may print a PDF Work-Trade Scholarship Questionnaire, fill it out and mail it with your registration form.

For more information, contact:

Registrar: Cat Fox (650) 703-2544,

Scholarships and Manager: Tom Colton (510) 847-5771,


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