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Jude Biggs Scholarship

The Bay Area Country Dance Society offers a Jude Biggs Musician Scholarship for an aspiring dance musician to improve his or her skills of playing for English country dance and/or display dance. A typical Jude Biggs recipient has considerable mastery of an instrument and has shown at least an interest in playing for dances, but is not yet at the skill level of our staff.

Hey Days offers a superb musical staff and a variety of music classes to learn the many ways to work in an ensemble to perform music that meets the needs of dancers. There are opportunities for you to play for dances or for an audience, whether at the campers night dance, daily gatherings, or spontaneously organized venues. As a Jude Biggs recipient, you can choose classes and activities with the advice of the programmer and staff to achieve your musical goals.

This scholarship covers the full registration fee. It sometimes may be split between two campers, in which case it would cover half the fee ($470), with the potential to reduce the cost further by other scholarships and/or the tenting option.

To apply for a Jude Biggs Scholarship, check the Jude Biggs Scholarship box on one of the Hey Days registration forms from the registration page (a PDF to print and mail, or use the online form) or use the registration form in the brochure.

And submit an online Jude Biggs Scholarship Application (this is our preferred method regardless of whether you send your registration via snail mail or online). Or you may print a PDF Jude Biggs Scholarship Application, fill it out and mail it with your registration form.

The camp lottery deadline (in case of oversubscription) is March 17 (postmarked), so make sure to submit your application in time for the lottery. We will notify you in early April of your status.

Registrar: Cat Fox (650) 703-2544,

Scholarships and Manager: Tom Colton (510) 847-5771,


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