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Program: Schedule 2017

Hey Days 2017 will open at 5:00 pm on Sunday August 20, 2017. Dinner will be served that evening and will be followed by a dance. The week will close at 10:00 am, after breakfast on Sunday, August 27.

If you like to dance, sing, play music, take workshops, and party all day long and into the wee hours, the schedule provides that opportunity. You may also choose to take time off to visit with friends, relax in the sun, swim in the pool, go for a walk, or peruse the well-stocked bookstore. Either way, take this opportunity to try something new!

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Subject to Change

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 - 10:15 AM - Class 1

Advanced ECD: Of Emperors and Elephants (The Reconstructions of Andrew Shaw) (Kalia Kliban with Figments: Anna Patton, David Knight, and Owen Morrison)
ECD: Watermelon to Chocolate (Brooke Friendly with Charlie Hancock and Jon Berger)
Sing Out, Geek Out! (Nicole Singer)

10:30-11:45 AM - Class 2

ECD: Zesty Playford (Andrew Swaine with Jonathan Jensen, Nicky McConkey, Jon Berger, and Owen Morrison)
Callers Workshop (Brooke Friendly)
Band Workshop (David Knight)

Noon-12:30 PM - Camp Gathering

12:30 PM Lunch

1:45-2:45 PM - Class 3

Molly Dance (Daisy Black with Andrew Swaine, Charlie Hancock, and Nicky McConkey)
ECD: Strengthening Your Core
(Kalia Kliban with Jonathan Jensen and Jon Berger)
Ear Training for Everyone (Anna Patton)
Sea Songs (Nicole Singer)

3:00-4:00 PM - Class 4

ECD: The Dances of Pat Shaw (Brooke Friendly with Charlie Hancock, Anna Patton, and David Knight)
Playford Reconstruction (Andrew Swaine with Nicky McConkey)
Playford Jam (Owen Morrison)
Medieval Mystery Drama
(Daisy Black)

4:15-5:15 PM - Class 5

Dance Grab Bag (a variety of staff)
Music Grab Bag (a variety of staff)
Disorganized Sports (Kalia)

5:30 PM Bookstore/Open time

6:30 PM Dinner

8:00 - 10:30 Evening dance

10:30 PM+ General Merriment


Dance photo by Michael Siemon, pool photo by Julie Grieves

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