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Jump up the Sun!

Come celebrate May Day, 2020 with the Bay Area Morris community

Morris dancers throughout the Bay Area gather together with their sticks, ribbons, bells, hankies, and baldrics, for music and dance in our annual May 1st celebrations on Friday. We wake the Sun and bring it back for a whole year! (Besides being a great deal of fun, you'll notice it works, too!)   Be part of it. Show up while it's dark and watch the Sun make its grand entrance. See the spectacle! Watch the magic! Cheer the dancers! Join in the celebration!  There are 5 locations in the Bay Area, so come to one near you!

Graphic copyright © 2011, Stewart Hall

(Note: Sunrise and event starting times can vary significantly, depending on location. You may need to contact a specific team directly to find out more about the local schedule).

The following excerpts are courtesy of the 2020 North American May Day page.

Teams listed here are associated with the Bay Area Country Dance Society (BACDS) or the North Bay Country Dance Society (NBCDS).  To find other morris celebrations, check the  2020 North America May Day page.

Last updated March 11, 2020

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