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Flyers and Mailings

Check out the current flyers from the latest "electronic mailing" or review the archives below.

BACDS distributes flyers of upcoming dance activities for BACDS dance series, camps, and events, as well as many other dance organizations, near and far.  Flyers are also sent out to BACDS members and to subscribers of our paper mailing or electronic mailing lists (see below). 

Our publicity committee members coordinate the organizing of flyer submissions for the mailings.

Opt in?  Opt out?  Manage your mailing list subscription(s)

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Paper Mailings

These are sent out approximately 5 times a year.  Folks gather for mailing parties to assemble flyers into packets to be mailed out.  Mailing parties are usually held in the morning on the first Saturday of the month, and are a great way to really get to know some of the people who make things happen in the dance community.  You can find out about the next mailing party by subscribing to the BACDS-announce email list or contacting the publicity committee.

The approximate schedule for mailings is:

  • December: Dance calendar and event flyers for the Winter quarter (January, February, March)
  • February: Summer camp brochures (American Week, English Week/"Heydays", Family Week)
  • March: Dance calendar and event flyers for the Spring quarter (April, May, June)
  • June: Dance calendar and event flyers for the Summer quarter (July, August, September)
  • September: Dance calendar and event flyers for the Fall quarter (October, November, December)

Electronic Mailings

These normally coincide with paper mailings, and come as an email with a link to online copies of flyers that you can print yourself.  There are also links to other related references, web pages, Facebook pages, etc.  The electronic mailing often contains "bonus" items such as events from prior mailings that still haven't happened yet, or flyers which couldn't "fit" into the paper mailing due to postal restrictions.

Want to submit a flyer?

BACDS welcomes flyer submissions from any BACDS event or activity, and for related music and dance activities from other organizations.  Paper mailings are subject to bulk-mail weight and size limitations, so if all the available "space" is taken up by BACDS events, non-BACDS flyer sometimes get "bumped" for lack of room.  Electronic mailings usually have no such restriction.  Guidelines for flyer submission are forthcoming.  In the meantime, contact our publicity committee for details and submission criteria.  BACDS reserves the right not to publish/distribute any given flyer.

Archive of Past Electronic Mailings

2017 December September June March
2016 December September June March
2015 December September June March
2014 December September June March
2013 December September June March
2012 December September June March
2011 December September June March
2010 December September June March
2009 December September June March
2008 December September June
2007 December

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