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Come to the BACDS English Dance Week in Mendocino, California, from June 30 - July 7, 2007

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Tentative Class Schedule

Alisa and Karla doing rapper

The daily schedule is jam-packed with many opportunities to dance, sing, play music, take workshops and party. Whether you're a night owl or an early morning riser gathering for espresso before breakfast (or don't need much sleep), there is generally an organized event or opportunity for an impromptu gathering (see camp culture for more info). Some people choose to attend a class every period and participate in all extra events. Others prefer to take time off to visit with friends, rest, read a book from the paperback library, walk in the woods, or peruse the well-stocked bookstore and clothing boutique.

As noted, this is a *tentative* schedule. Some minor adjustments may be made before camp begins.



  Dance Hall Camp House Dining Hall




Class 1

ECD Advanced - Walsh
Andrew Shaw

ECD - Basics and Beyond
Brooke Friendly

Advanced Comparative Step
Judy Erickson

Class 2

Judy Erickson
ECD - Choreographers Open Mic
Gene Murrow

Unlocking the Mysteries of Harmony
Rebecca King



Gathering (outside)




Lunch (outside)



Singing (outside)


Class 3

ECD Style
Gene Murrow

English Clog
Judy Erickson

Musicians' Workshop
Anita Anderson

Callers' Workshop
Brooke Friendly


Class 4

ECD - Playford
Andrew Shaw

Northwest Morris
Jane Hecht

Band Class
Gene Murrow

Singing (outside)
Tea (outside)
Class 5

ECD - Dutch Connection
Andrew Shaw

Singing Workshop
Eden MacAdam-Somer

Morris Grab Bag
Jane Hecht

Music Grab Bag
Tricky Brits






Check here to find out
What Campers Need to Know Before They Arrive!

We have a full camp, with a waiting list.
To inquire about the waitlist, or to get on the mailing list for next year,
contact our camp manager.

For more information, call camp manager Mary Luckhardt
at (510) 233-5065 or email

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