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Come to the BACDS English Dance Week in Mendocino, California, from June 30 - July 7, 2007

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Music Workshops

Jessie on fiddle

Music is a big part of what makes Mendocino English Week so special. We have a fabulous line-up of musicians to play for daytime workshops and evening dances (see the staff page for the full list with bios). But itís much more than the inspiring dance music. There are several workshops tailored to musicians and many opportunities for playing together. We'll also have several opportunities to gather together and share songs and rounds.

Says Jessie Modic, a camper in 2006, "I learned so much every day - SO MUCH! I'll bring what I learned to our community here, and up to Arcata, and we'll all be the better for it. I just want you to know that I appreciate so much all the AMAZING teaching that I got — and I will share it and help spread the musical ideas and the spirit and the love of that beautiful music. The classes were so great — I learned so many new things that I want to incorporate into my playing, and that I want to share with people here."

This year's music workshops include:

Band Class
with Gene Murrow
Whether you read music and or play by ear, you’ll learn essential techniques for adding the 'lift' necessary to inspire the dancers, explore the wide variety and history of English country dance music, and get useful tips on playing in tune and techniques for adding variety.
Unlocking the Mysteries of Harmony
with Rebecca King
Whether you play a melody or chordal instrument, you'll learn to use chord symbols and music theory to add beautiful harmonies and accompaniments to melodies.
Noodling and Working with Callers
with Anita Anderson
Learn how to support a caller and the dancers while they teach/learn a dance! 'Noodling' is a specialized skill that, done well, can greatly enhance the teaching/learning of a dance. Anita is a masterful noodler — come learn with the best. The class will sometimes meet with Brooke Friendly's callers' workshop on working with musicians.
Music Grab Bag
with the Tricky Brits (Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Sande Gillett, and Betsy Cooper)
The Tricky Brits (as a band and individually) will present a variety of one to two day workshops.
• Sunday the band will give a lecture/demonstration
• Monday and Tuesday (before campers night which is on Wednesday) they will provide coaching and individual feedback for camper bands
• Thursday and Friday they will give instrument clinics. Depending on what instruments campers play, these clinics could include fiddle, plucked strings, wind instruments…
Singing Workshop: Madrigals
and Early Music

with Eden MacAdam-Somer

Check here to find out
What Campers Need to Know Before They Arrive!

We have a full camp, with a waiting list.
To inquire about the waitlist, or to get on the mailing list for next year,
contact our camp manager.

For more information, call camp manager Mary Luckhardt
at (510) 233-5065 or email

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