BACDS American Dance and Music Week,
July 3-10, 2010
BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 3-10, 2010

Registration Information

Registration Is Now Open! Please email and widely distribute copies of our easy-to-print BACDS American Week flyer to your local dance and music communities and friends.

To register, please fill out and print the Registration Form and mail the completed form to us with your deposit or full payment.

The full fee of $830 includes room, boards and tuition. All applications must be accompanied by a minimum $150 deposit and will be considered in order of receipt. Final payment is due by June 5. Registration after June 19 must be paid-in-full by cash, or by cashier’s or traveler’s check.

If the week is oversubscribed by March 13, a lottery will be held. Notification of acceptance or wait-list status will be e-mailed by March 21, followed by detailed information in early May.

If you are planning air travel, it may be helpful to know that camp is about a four hour drive north of the San Francisco or Oakland, CA, airport.

All cancellations incur a minimum $30 fee. $150 will be retained for cancellations received after April 26. $400 will be retained for cancellations received after June 5. The entire registration fee will be retained for cancellations received after June 19. To protect your investment, you may wish to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.

Only full-time registrants will be accepted. Participants 15-17 years-old are welcome if accompanied by a responsible adult. Smoking is permitted in limited areas of the site; pets are not allowed on the campgrounds. For the health of all camp participants, please use fragrance-free personal hygiene products. Detailed information regarding products provided by BACDS, as well as those you might choose to bring yourself will follow your acceptance.

Scholarships are available. Scholarship applications are submitted in addition to your camp registration form and deposit. Please indicate your desire to apply for a scholarship on the camp registration form.
All scholarship applications should be postmarked by April 26.

Please mail your completed registration form and a check or money order payable to BACDS to:

BACDS c/o Deb Comly
1475 Meade Lane
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

For more information contact us via email or call our registrar:
Deb Comly (928) 774-5936.

BACDS offers two other dance camps in 2010: English Week, and Family Week.

Transportation to Camp

[Picture of a Bus]

We will send an e-mail to registered campers to ask about your transportation needs, dietary restrictions, medical needs, etc.

There is no shuttle service from San Francisco or Oakland Airports to the dance camp. The Mendocino Woodlands camp is inland from the coastal village of Mendocino, about a four-hour drive north of the San Francisco or Oakland airports. You can also rent a car at either of the airports. If you indicate that you need a ride, our hospitality coordinator will contact you a few weeks before camp to arrange transportation with a local dancer.

I appreciate the friendliness of the BACDS organizers. Makes first timers feel welcome. [I] enjoyed the little extras—coffee bar, dress-up, costuming, etc.

-Craig Meltzner, Santa Rosa, CA

Key Deadlines