BACDS American Dance and Music Week,
July 3-10, 2010
BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 3-10, 2010

Create Favorite Memories…

Once again, the Bay Area Country Dance Society’s American Dance and Music Week will come alive at the magnificent Mendocino Woodlands Camp, a National Historic Landmark near the coastal village of Mendocino, a four-hour drive north of San Francisco. Discover rich textures in this secluded, lush, temperate, and truly magical place where, for many years, dancers and musicians have gathered to learn, relax, and enjoy the art of playing, dancing, and creating special connections as a community.

Rustic cabins with wood-burning stone fireplaces are set along meandering footpaths. Wooden balconies overlook the majestic redwood forest, or the lily-covered pond with its resident frogs and otters, or across the meadow where we frolic at our annual picnic. Nearby bathhouses are equipped with electricity and abundant hot water. Find plenty of trails for hiking, a river for swimming, and the picturesque town nearby, perched on cliffs overlooking the Pacific and offering fine restaurants and outdoor hot tubs for relaxing on your day in town or before or after camp.

This year, we welcome our new Program Director, Laura Light, who has gathered an ensemble of teachers and musicians new to Mendocino as well as familiar faces. Our staff are all experienced campers, skilled at bringing out the best in folks and sharing their know-how in an inclusive and joyous way. They represent a wide variety of styles and solid expertise, and are certain to create exquisite moments amid our site’s natural beauty.

We are fortunate to again have Tod Nysether, chef and owner of ‘Simple Pleasures Catering’ in Santa Cruz, California. Tod specializes in cooking for retreats and is considerably adept in preparing attractive, delicious and healthful meals that meet a wide variety of dietary needs. He is passionate about his work and is continually inspired to provide people with an experience that reminds them of how deeply satisfying good food can be.

The organizers and staff of American Dance and Music Week invite you to share great food, laughter galore, amazing stories and songs, and top-notch dancing and music. Come and join us. Create what will surely be your most favorite memories.

Path through Mendocino Woodlands

There were many (memorable moments) – dancing to fantastic music, mingling with great people, eating the most amazing food, and hiking through the beautiful forest.

– Kelli Butler, Ventura, CA

A cabin at Mendocino Woodlands