BACDS American Dance and Music Week,
July 3-10, 2010
BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 3-10, 2010

Daily Schedule

Enjoy full days of dance and music classes along with ample opportunities for rest and relaxation, spontaneous singing and laughter, and congenial camaraderie around the perpetual campfire at the Back Porch.

Before breakfast, “Swim in the Air” with Cis Hinkle leading Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese meditative martial art. Or, commune with other early risers around the campfire, sipping your first latte prepared to order at the Balance & Sip Café.

Contra Dance in the A.M, the P.M., and in the evenings after suppertime. Relish Scott Higgs' appetizers of Engaging and Playful Contra-nuances. Get a taste of Odd and Quirky Contras & Squares, Cis Hinkle's spice combined with a twist of zest. Gaye Fifer's sampler of Unspeakably Unusual Formations will tempt the even most demanding sweet tooth.

Matthew Duveneck, assisted by Anna Gilbert, will offer a complete couple dancers' banquet! Indulge in the beautiful and sensual Argentine Tango, harvest ingredients from East Coast swing, two-step and polka, and blend a variety of partner-based Western Swing dance styles. Mix Cross-Step and vintage figures to flavor your Perfect Waltz.

Scott, providing contra dance entrees, and Cis, adding square dance flavors, will co-host Callers' Forum offering a Theme du Jour buffet. Whether neophyte caller or a touring pro, you are invited to improve your skills, polish your presentation and add to your repertoire. On the menu find supportive feedback and scheduled practice opportunities.

Write that Dance! What makes the difference between a dance that 'works' and a dance that thrills? Scott will set a foundation of tools and Ideas for Contra Choreography then entice you to stretch your creativity to develop memorable and distinctive dances.

Jubal Creech will gather seasoned and amateur tellers alike to share renditions of personal stories and traditional folktales during Story Circle.

Before lunch, share your hidden talents: sing, dance, play, or recite for the entertainment of your Woodlands community during our gathering at the Back Porch, coordinated by Given Harrison.

Savor Potpourri, class time designed for one-day workshops:

In the afternoons, Expect the Unexpected: parties, board games, swimming in the river or exploring with a Woodlands naturalist. Join Anna Gilbert leading Community Art, luxuriate with a massage, peruse the well-stocked 24/7 Bookstore, and scour The Grande Marché Clothing Boutique or scrutinize the paperback library.

Party Under the Light of the Silvery Moon. Stop in at The Rock'n Roadhouse to let your hair down, kick up your heels and swing with Given & the Honky-Tonk Tornados. Brave the darkness with Jubal & the Ghouls offering chilling stories by the licks of the campfire. Bring-on Your Bling, enough to electrify the night with a brilliant whirl of contras and couples' dancing.

… calling my 1st contra dance? Or, is it actually tango dancing? Or, is it every night, moving on a floor filled with a community of skilled and talented dancers and unbelievably good music!

– Dan Vilter, Covina, CA

A Waltzing Couple