BACDS American Dance and Music Week,
July 3-10, 2010
BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 3-10, 2010

Music Workshops

Music, Music, Music

Bring your instruments and voice to participate in focused music workshops all day long, or kick back and spontaneously join with a like-minded pick-up group. Both daily classes and special one-time sessions will be happening. Whether you learn by ear or by notation, let traditional music beguile you.

George Paul, “The King of Contra Funk,” will be offering some easy, accessible techniques to deepen your Keyboard Connections and add spice to your playing. Fear not… you, too, can rock the dance floor!

Strum-a-Little, Flat-Pick-a-Little in Owen Morrison's guitar workshop. He will cover the subtleties of different accompaniment styles, from old-time to Irish to French-Canadian, focusing on how to make each style danceable, and describing efficient techniques for both lead and rhythm guitar.

Ethan Hazzard-Watkins will offer Tips on Top Fiddling, sharing tunes in parallel with Owen's guitar class and aimed for great jamming opportunities later in the week. Tunes will be chosen from their vast repertoire of New England, Quebecois, old time and original pieces.

Write that Tune! Join George in corralling those random notes, funky rhythms and tunes-in-your-head into a great dance tune. If you can play it on an instrument or hum a few bars, your composition will be transcribed to share with your band-mates and to bring into your home community.

Entwining West African-based rhythms into his own unique approach to percussion, Jubal Creech will tap Contra Beat workshops concentrating on supporting of the 'feel' of traditional tunes and inspiring collaboration within a dance band.

Band Together with Stuart Kenney who will lead an ensemble of musicians of all skill levels into the heart of contra dance music. Bring a full array of instruments, your feet, voices, and percussive toys. Find your inner groove, explore it, and then own it.

Given Harrison has often been known to drop everything to facilitate a spontaneous jam and assures that instances of this habit will occur with some frequency at camp. For those interested in pumping out some familiar tunes or sharing new tunes, look out for Jam-O-Rama, scheduled at different times during each day.

Just for the pleasure of singing together with real pizzazz, Explore New and Familiar Vocal Territories. Anna Patton will lead Swing Vocal Harmonies. Al & Alice White, of McClain Family Band fame, will welcome all to a bluegrass, country and folk Song Swap. Bring your instruments, your voice, and your favorite songs to share.

Find many opportunities to perform. Accompany dancers during Tai Chi, play for callers' Open Mic, and play in the Camper Band. Jam into the wee hours with some of the finest musicians in the genre.

I enjoyed camp and thought the bands were superb. I especially liked campers being able to play with members of the bands regardless of our experience. Dancing with people who are skilled was also a great experience. The standard is so high that improving [camp] would be very difficult.

- Ken Blackwood, Alberta, Canada

Clarinet Player