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Volunteers make all this possible.  Join the crew!

The magic of the Playford Ball is more than beautiful dances and music. The real magic is — you!

The time, energy, and efforts donated by the members of our community is what creates the ball each year. We welcome all volunteers and have many different kinds of tasks with which anyone can help.  Some tasks occur before the ball; others the day of, during, or after the ball.  Here are just a few of them:

  • Art
    • Name tag assembly
    • Food label tag assembly
    • Art party volunteer  - we use art parties to get together and make decorations and all kinds of fun stuff
  • Food
    • Food preparation on the day of the Ball
    • Food contributions (we give you the recipes to make delightful "Playfood")
  • Miscellaneous-but-Much-Appreciated
    • Door and Welcome greeters (a perfect opportunity to warm up your charm)
    • Servers of punch and other delicacies during breaks
    • Decorations setup on the day of the Ball
    • After-Ball Facilities Liaison (coordinate clean-up efforts)
    • Transporting  food or other items to the After-party or Brunch
    • Providing hospitality (see below) to out-of-town guests
    • Assisting with the workshops or Rehearsal dance

Why not contact us to see what might be right for you? Volunteers: Heather MacKay, 510.653.7507
You'll earn the gratitude of the Ball Committee and the Dancers, and have fun besides!


Bay Area folks:  Want a way to make new friends and add to your Playford experience?   Our out-of-town guests always need and appreciate hospitality.  This can consist of providing rides to or from the airport or train station, providing lodging for an out-of-towner, or just helping folks find their way around town.  If you didn't already mark this on your registration form you can still contact us.

The Committee:

The Playford Ball committee has monthly (approximately) meetings throughout the year where we gather, drink champagne, have a silly time, and somehow manage to organize and brew the magic which makes the Ball happen.  And we're always look for participants, either on the committee itself, or within the proud ranks of our volunteers.

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