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Playford Ball 2020 Registration

Please fill in the form below for each ball attendee, except babies, and press the "Submit" button. There's no need to snail mail the form. Events other than the Ball itself are paid for separately, at the door.

You can use your browser's "Back" button to base a new entry on the previous one.

Online Registration

Name. One person only



First name on tag if different from above
Postal Address
Email Address. Used for ball correspondance only
Phone. In case we need to contact you
Can we include your details on the roster given out at the ball?
Name Address Phone Email
I'll be an observer only (no dancing)
Transportation to/from the ball?
I can provide accomodation for
Want to volunteer?
Other Comments

you will get an email confirmation



Dancer, until March 7th $40
Dancer, March 8th or later $45
Observer (includes refreshments) $10
Additional donations gratefully received


Please pay as soon as you register by mailing in a check. In the event of over-subscription, priority will be given to those who's payment is received by the registrar first. Do not give your payment to anybody else!

You will be given more details, including the mailing address, after you click "Submit".

No refunds after March 14th. 50% refund between March 8th and 14th.

Paper Registration

To avoid transcription errors, we prefer online registration. However - if you must - you may use the paper form here. Please don't do both!


Send registration questions to: Michael Jones

Fragrance Free Policy

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