Youth Scholarships

The Bay Area Country Dance Society offers several ‘Youth’ Scholarships for campers age 18-30 who demonstrate community leadership potential in display or country dance, music or song.

This scholarship covers half the registration fee, so you pay only $525. You can reduce your cost further in a couple of ways:

  • Apply to your local dance group for a matching scholarship of up to $525. Many groups (including BACDS) are willing to help younger dancers and musicians attend a camp to improve their dancing/playing/calling. Our youth scholarship application includes a form you can submit to your local group to request matching funding.
  • Apply for a Work-trade scholarship which reduces the cost by an additional $350.

To apply for a Youth Scholarship, check the Youth Scholarship box on one of the Hey Days registration forms from the registration page. Regardless of method, make sure to send a deposit of $100. If you have a sponsor group covering the balance of your registration fee, your deposit will be returned at the beginning of camp.

And submit an online Youth Scholarship Application (this is our preferred method regardless of whether you send your registration via snail mail or online). Or you may print a PDF to fill out and mail with your registration form.

If you want your local group to sponsor your application, please print the PDF Group Sponsor Form and ask them to submit it.

Make sure to submit your application in time for the camp lottery deadline (in case of oversubscription).

It is possible we may have some openings for youth applicants after this deadline, so check with the registrar.

We may accept applicants age 15-17 on a case-by-case basis if accompanied by a guardian or designated responsible adult if space permits.

If you are a group leader/organizer with a young adult in your community who you think would benefit from attending Hey Days, let them know about the camp and the scholarship and help them with the application process.

Registrar: Cat Fox (650) 489-1941,

Scholarships and Manager: Rebecca King (707) 815-2067,


Photo by Julie Grieves