Need-Based Scholarships

We want to make the camp experience available to people who cannot otherwise afford it, so we are pleased to be able to offer need-based scholarships. You may combine a need-based scholarship application with a work-trade scholarship to further reduce the cost of coming to camp.

There is not an additional form to fill out. To apply for a need-based scholarship, simply check the box on the Hey Days registration form, and indicate the dollar amount you need. This request will be considered an indication that if you do not receive at least the indicated scholarship, you will not be able to attend and will withdraw your registration. If so, we will refund your deposit. (If you check work-trade and write a number in, we take it that you're requesting a need-based scholarship of that amount on top of the work-trade scholarship.)

Make sure to apply by the lottery deadline to insure your best chance of receiving scholarship.

If we don't have enough need-based scholarship funding to help everybody, we'll try to help as many people as possible - which means smaller support requests are somewhat likelier to be filled. Please ask for only as much support as you actually need. We may come back to need-based-only applicants we can't afford to admit and ask if you can do a work-trade scholarship as well, but if you are unable or prefer not to, we will refund your deposit.

Until the funding runs out, need-based scholarship applicants go through the same lottery process as full-pay campers. When there's no money left, applicants are placed on the waiting list.

Our initial need-based scholarship funds are limited. We hope to augment them through donations from other campers. If you would like to help make camp available to everyone across the economic spectrum, please consider making a donation towards the scholarship fund as part of your registration.

You may use the registration form on the registration page or use the registration form in the brochure.

Registrar: Cat Fox (650) 489-1941,

Scholarships and Manager: Rebecca King (707) 815-2067,