Program: Schedule 2022

Hey Days 2022 will open on Sunday June 12, 2022. Dinner will be served that evening and will be followed by a dance. The week will close after breakfast on Sunday, June 19.

If you like to dance, sing, play music, take workshops, and party all day long and into the wee hours, the schedule provides that opportunity. You may also choose to take time off to visit with friends, relax in the sun, swim in the pool, go for a walk, or peruse the well-stocked bookstore. Either way, take this opportunity to try something new!

For special events, click here.

8:00 AM Breakfast

Class 1

ECD (Advanced): Body and Soul (Bruce Hamilton with Persons of Quality)
ECD (for all): Signatures (Kalia Kliban with Charlie Hancock and Audrey Knuth)
Music: Topics in Ensemble Playing (Chip Prince)

Class 2

ECD (Advanced): Signatures (Kalia Kliban with Chip Prince, Jon Berger, Miranda Arana)
Couple Dance
(Lynn Baumeister and Lisa Tamres with Charlie Hancock and Audrey Knuth)
Music: Historic Settings of ECD Tunes (Shira Kammen)
Singing: Songs for the Session
(Jeff Warner)

12:00 PM Lunch

Class 3

ECD (for all): Dancing Shapes (Bridget Whitehead with Rebecca King, Audrey Knuth, Miranda Arana)
Music: Camper Band (Sande Gillette)
Singing: Chorus Songs (Jeff Warner)

Class 4

ECD For All (Bruce Hamilton with Chip Prince, Shira Kammen, Jim Oakden)
Longsword (Lynn Baumeister and Laura Robertson with Jon Berger)
Music: Musical Zen--Explorations in Sound (Miranda Arana)

Class 5

Balfolk (Lynn Baumeister and Lisa Tamres with Charlie Hancock, Shira Kammen, Jim Oakden)
Care of Body and Mind: Stretching+ (Bridget Whitehead)
Fun and Games (Kalia Kliban)

5:00-6:30 PM Happy Hour (auction, pool parties, gatherings...)

6:30 PM Dinner

7:45-8:00 PM Couple dancing

8:00-10:30 Evening dance

10:30 PM+ General Merriment



Photo by Brooke Friendly