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BACDS Fall Ball
"Dancing on Water"

November 17, 2012

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The Dances:

Title Meter/Key Barnes   Title Meter/Key Barnes
Banish Misfortune 6/8 G   Portsmouth 2/2 G v1,p100
Collier's Daughter 2/2 Gm v1,p21   Princess Royal (played AABB) 2/2 Gm v1,p101
Companions 2/2 Am v2,p22   Sally in our Alley 3/4 C v1,p114
Fenterlarick 4/4 C v1,p39   She Rose and Let Me In 4/4 G v2,p117
Fine Lady of Homewood 9/8 Em v2,p43   Soulton Jigg 6/8 G v2,p121
Leather Lake House 4/4 A v2,p75   St. Margaret's Hill 3/2 Gm v1,p113
Leslie's Valentine 6/8 G v2,p76   Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do? 3/4 F v2,p138
Minnows 6/8 Am   Water Lilies 4/4 A

Note: Items in red below are changes since the ball booklets were published.

If a tune is not in Barnes, just click on the symbol next to the dance to see the musical notation.

Notes and Conventions  - unless otherwise indicated:

  • All crosses, passes, back-to-backs, gypsies, and trading places are by right shoulder.
  • All circles, stars, gypsies, and hand turns are once around.
  • Rights-and-lefts are with hands.  Circular hey is without hands.
  • M1 = 1st man, W2 = 2nd woman, etc.
  • 1s = 1st couple, 2s = 2nd couple, etc.

Banish Misfortune  
Three couple circular set, 6/8 meter
Jenna Simpson, 2010
Tune: traditional

A1 1-6 Men weave the ring (start going behind partner/outside ring).
  7-8 Partners R-hand turn (once round).
A2 1-6 Women weave the ring (start going behind partner/outside ring).
  7-8 Partners L-hand turn (once round).
B1 1-4 Women star R (to home).
  5-8 Men star L.
B2 1-8 Partners side (swirly), set & turn single.
C1 1-8 Hey along the ring (and back): Pass partner R, next by L, 3rd by R and loop R to face that person; pass 3rd back by R, 2nd by L, partner R to home, loop R to face center.
C2 1-4 All into the center & back.
  5-8 Partners set & pass R-shoulder to meet a new partner.

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Collier's Daughter
Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Playford, 1728

A1 1-8 1s cross and go below as 2s move up.
1s 2-hand turn.
A2 1-8 1s cross and go below again, next 2s moving up.
1s 2-hand turn until proper.
B1 1-8 1s lead up to 2nd place with own 2s while 2s dance down the outside to meet their 1s; circle L once round and turn single.
B2 1-8 4 very quick changes of a circular hey; partners 2-hand turn.

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Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Victor Skowronski, 2003
Tune: Susato (Ronde II, Mon Amy)

A1 1-4 Chase circle L one place (clockwise); balance in and out on the diagonal.
A2 1-4 Repeat A1 to progressed improper place.
B1 1-2 1st corners start a chevron (pass R-shoulder and face squarely out of set).
  3-4 1st corners fall straight back across the set while 2nd corners cast up or down along the line to meet partner.
B2 1-4 Poussette half-way (1st corners forward to begin); release early to end "smerging" into a line-of-four across the dance, 2nd corners in the middle facing each other, 1st corners facing neighbor's back on ends of the line.
C1 1-6 1st corners pass L-shoulder to start 6 changes of a hey-for-4.
C2 1-6 2nd corners L-shoulder gypsy 3/4 in middle while 1st corners orbit 1/4 in direction of progression; partners R-shoulder gypsy 1 1/4 to progressed proper place.

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Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Joyce Walker
Tune: Fred Grimshaw, Nancy's Fancy

A1 1-8 1st corners (swirly) side over and back, set advancing, and turn single to place.
A2 1-8 2nd corners repeat A1.
B 1-8 Women lead through the men and cast back to place.
Men lead through the women and cast back to place.
  9-16 Orbital progression: partners L-hand turn 3/4 into wavy line-of-4 up and down the dance; middles (2nd corners) R-hand turn 1 1/2 while ends (1st corners) orbit half-way to other end of line; partners L-hand turn 3/4 to progressed proper place.

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Fine Lady of Homewood
4 couple longways, 9/8 meter (slip jig)
Gary Roodman, Sum Further Calculated Figures, 1996
Tune: A Fig for a Kiss (traditional)

Most of the dance happens in two-couple groups at each end of the four-couple set.
A1 1-3 At each end, star R once round.
  4 All turn single L.
A2 1-3 At each end, star L once round.
  4 All turn single R.
B 1-2 End couples cross R-shoulder and dance one place towards the middle of the set while middle couples lead out to the ends and face ready for a circle.
  3-4 At each end, circle L half-way.
  5-6 At each end, partners start 2 changes of R&L.
  7-8 Middle two cpls do 2 further changes of R&L (partners start) while end couples R-hand turn once round.

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Leather Lake House
Longways triple minor, 4/4 meter
J. Bishop, Six New Minuets and Twelve Country Dances, 1788
Tunes: 2/4 in A major (traditional), then Pease Strae in B minor (by Niel Gow 1745)
Modern source: Fried de Metz Herman, The Naked Truth, 1986

A1 1-4 Top two cpls set to partner, 2 changes circular hey (no hands); repeat to place.
A2 1-4 1s cross, go below (2s move up), quick 2-hand turn half-way.
1s lead down between 3s and cast back to 2nd place.
B1 1-4 W1 with 2s, M1 with 3s, circle 3 hands L once round; all R-hand turn partner.
B2 1-4 M1 with 2s, W1 with 3s, circle 3 hands R once round; all L-hand turn partner.

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Leslie's Valentine
Longways duple minor, 6/8 meter
Scott Higgs, 2001
Tune: Niel Gow, Miss Grace Hayes' Delight, 18th c.

A1 1-4 W1 set (advancing) to M2, both turn single.
  5-8 W1 cast down behind W2, with M2 following. End with W1 in M2 place, M2 in W2 place (W2 steps up once coast is clear).
A2 1-4 Facing partner (up & down), Set and turn single.
  5-8 Men dance across set and loop clockwise - with partner following. This "chase" is the equivalent of a no-hands circle L 3/4, ending with 1s below, proper, and 2s above, improper.
B 1-4 2s stand still in 1st place while 1s keep moving (W1 begin up the center, M1 up the outside) to "Mad Robin" up through the 2s and loop back to (progressed) place.
  5-8 All 2-hand turn partner - once round for the 1s, half-way for the 2s, who then cast out to ends of a line-of-4 facing up.
  9-12 Line-of-4 (all proper - 1s in middle) lead up and fall back - stay facing up.
  13-16 Set in line.
2s gate the 1s to progressed places.

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Minnows (or Bother the Fish)  
Longways duple minor, 6/8 meter
Melissa Running, July 2011

A1 1-8 1s turn single R, set, half-figure-8 down (option: dance the crossing part of the half-figure-8 as a moving half R-shoulder gypsy, keeping eye contact)
A2 1-8 2s turn single R, set, half-figure-8 up (same option; here that means the man goes first)
B1 1-2 Circle L half-way.
  3-6 Ginormous turn single R (across the phrase).
  7-8 Partners pass R-shoulder and stay facing out to orient; then face to your R along the line you're in.
B2 1-8 Single file, forward-a-double in the line you're in; turn about by the L to dance back-a-double; partners L-hand turn 1 1/2 till proper and progressed.

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Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Playford, 1701

A1 1-8 M1 hey-for-3 with the women.
A2 1-8 W1 hey-for-3 with the men.
B1 1-4 1s cross and go below (2s moving up).
  5-8 1s half-figure-8 up through the 2s.
B2 1-8 Partners start 4 changes R&L.

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Princess Royal
Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Jenny Beer, 2005

A1 1-8 1s turn single R (as in Petronella) into a line up and down the center of the set, M1 below facing up, W1 above facing down. 1s set while 2s move up to 1st place. 1s petronella to 2nd place improper, 1s set.
A2 1-8 2s repeat A1, 1s moving up at the appropriate time (all end home, but improper).
B1 1-12 Circle once; partners 2-hand turn half-way and set; 1s cast off as 2s lead up and cast onto the ends of a line-of-4 across, facing up.
B2 1-12 Up-a-double and back; 2s gate 1s into progressed place and neighbors face. Clap own hands (1-2-3-pause) twice; neighbors back to back (W1 in particular will want to turn over R-shoulder in the 2nd half of the back to back, so as to be facing in ready for the next petronella turn).

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Sally in our Alley
Longways duple minor, 3/2 meter
Playford, 1719, reconstruction J. Schwab, 2000

A1 1-8 1st corners figure-8: cast over L-shoulder up or down around neighbors, pass L-shoulder in center, loop R around partner into each other's place.
A2 1-8 2nd corners figure 8: cast over R-shoulder up or down around partners, pass R-shoulder in center, loop L around neighbor into each other's place.
B1 1-8 All fall back, come forward, cross with partner, loop R into... 4 changes circular hey (no hands).
B2 1-8

1st corners (in 2nd corner places) change L-shoulder; 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) change R-shoulder; quick circle L once round (all home, improper); 1s long cast down and 2-hand turn while 2s 2-hand turn moving up the center.

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She Rose and Let Me In
Four couple longways set, 2s and 4s improper, 4/4 meter
Tom Cook, 1993
Tune: Thomas Farmer, Aria di Camera, 1683

A1 1-8 Partners step L and honor, turn single R.
R diagonals do a slow cross as in Hole in the Wall.
A2 1-8 New partners step R and honor, turn single L, then L-shoulder Hole-in-the-Wall cross.
B1 1-8 Circle L half-way; partners arm R.
B2 1-8 Circle R half-way; partners arm L.

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Soulton Jigg
Longways duple minor, 6/8 meter
Playford, 1710

A1 1-4 1s set and cast down, 2s moving up.
  5-8 1s clap once and 2-hand turn.
A2 1-8 2s repeat A1.
B 1-4 1st corners change; 2nd corners change (all end facing center).
  5-8 All set forward, turn single back to place.
  9-12 Partners start 2 changes R&L.
  13-16 All set; 1s short cast as 2s lead up.

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St. Margaret's Hill
3 couple set, 3/2 meter
Playford, 1710, interpretation B. Bentley, 1962

A 1-4 1s cast to middle as 2s move up; 1s 2-hand turn 3/4 and remain in middle as ends come forward to join lines of 3 across (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s).
  5-8 Lines fall back, 1s sweep neighbors forward into a circle, circle 6 L half-way.
B1 1-8 1s turn person on R by R-hand (M1 with W3, W1 with M2); 1s L-hand turn each other 3/4 and M1 curls in to face down; lead down, cast up to middle place, 2-hand turn half-way and fall back on sides (proper).
B2 1-8 1s turn person on R by L-hand (M1 with W2, W1 with M3); 1s R-hand each other 3/4 and M1 curl in to face up; lead up, cast back to middle, & all turn partner 2-hand half-way to end proper.

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Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Longways duple minor, 3/4 meter
Playford, 1696
Tune: Henry Purcell, 1696

A1 1-8 M1 set L and R to the 2 women; circle L three half-way; releasing partner's hand, lead the line around behind the M2 finishing with the men below the women.
A2 1-8 Repeat A1, 2nd M dancing with the two women, finishing with all progressed and improper.
B1 1-8 All fall back; come forward; circle L one position with two chassé steps (no hands). Lead partner away; lead back in; all cast R one place to original positions.
B2 1-8 1st corners meet and fall back; 2nd corners meet and fall back; starting with partner all 3 changes R&L.

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Water Lilies  
Longways duple minor, 4/4 meter
Melissa Running, 2010

Slow, 4 steps to the bar.
A1 1-2 1s meet and long cast to 2nd place while 2s meet and lead up.
  3-4 Half double-figure-8 into a line-of-4 facing up: bottoms (1s) cross up and cast to the ends of the line while tops (2s) cast off and cross up to the middle.
  5-6 Line-of-four up-a-double and back.
  7-8 1s gate the 2s around 3/4 into place (all are home, improper).
A2 1-8 Repeat A1 from these places (end all home).
B1 1-2 2 changes R&L, partners start.
  3-4 Partners take R-hand, balance forward and back, and R-hand turn half-way to change places.
  5-8 1s lead down through new 2s below, cast back to below original neighbors (10 steps), and turn single upward (6 steps, starting on the high note) -- and look up to original neighbors.
B2 1 Original neighbors: 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) give R-hand to change places.
  2 1st corners give R-hand to change places, ending with all taking R-hands across.
  3 In star formation, balance in and out.
  4 Star R half-way.
  5-8 2s lead down through the 1s, cast back to progressed places (10 steps), and turn single upward (6 steps, as in B1).

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