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What's on “More Waltzes Before Breakfast?”

Waltzes Before Breakfast disc

Purchasing the CD...

Ten original tunes, twelve tracks recorded live at BACDS American Dance & Music Week at La Honda in July 2012.
Includes background sounds in the dining hall before and during breakfast.

Performed by:

  • George Paul (piano)
  • Laura Light (fiddle)
  • Rodney Miller (fiddle)
  • Elvie Miller (accordian)
  • Claude Ginsburg (fiddle)
  • Dave Bartley (mandolin)
  • Jim Oakden (clarinet, penny whistle)
  • Michelle Levy (fiddle)
  • Elizabeth Miranda (flute)
  • AmWeek Campers (waltzing and/or eating breakfast)

The enhanced audio CD includes PDF files with sheet music for all tunes.

Click on the link for each tune to hear a brief excerpt.

1. Cathedral

— written by Dave Bartley in 2011. The second part sounds so reverent that the name became clear. It’s also the inspiration for the choice of front cover photo on this CD. The redwood forest feels very much a cathedral, and we’re fortunate to be able to dance in church!

2. A Waltz in the Redwoods

— written in 2012 by George Paul for his dear friend Erik, as a commission bought at the fundraising auction at Terpsichore, 2011.

3. Nostalgika

— written by Dave Bartley in 2012. Staring at the screen, asking himself “what the heck am I going to call this now that we’ve played it at a dance and people liked it?” he settled on this as the title of the tune. “It sounds like the brand name of a perfume.”

4. Gaye’s Waltz

— written in 2012 by George Paul as an auction commission for Gaye Fifer at Terpsichore, 2011. Gaye’s smile is evident throughout. “Probably the easiest waltz ever for me to write.”

5. Not Yet

— written in 2012 by Michelle Levy. “At its heart, this tune is about longing deeply for something to happen, and waiting, and waiting, and not being sure of anything.” Asked at AmWeek 2012 camp if this tune had a name, Michelle replied “no... not yet.” It stuck.

6. Jaden’s Waltz

— written by Rodney Miller immediately upon hearing of Jaden Miller’s birth in 2009, his first grandchild. “I was expressing my feelings of love and wonderment at the beginning of her new life odyssey.”

7. The Rendezvous

— written by Dave Bartley, walking back to Spirit Lodge at Lady of the Lake June Week 2011. “The Rendezvous” is that camp’s name for the daily pre-meal talent show, similar to BACDS American Week’s “Round Up.”

8. Waltzing with Bunny

— written in 2010 by George Paul “in honor and remembrance of an imune deficient kid goat we tried to raise. She didn’t make it.” Eric thinks this tune shows that life is a circus, complete with scary clowns.

9. Wisp of Smoke

— written in 2010 by George Paul, capturing “the onset of winter, a cold day, seeing that wisp of smoke in the chimney as you head home.”

10. Elia’s Waltz

— written in 2010 by George Paul “for my friend, Elia Bizzarri, after watching him waltz. He lives every note. Happy waltzing, Elia!”

Happy Waltzing to All!

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