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Come to the BACDS English Dance Week in Mendocino, California, 
from July 13-20, 2002


Belshazzar's Feast -- Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin Belshazzar's Feast
Since the Pauls Hutchinson and Sartin paired up in 1995, their performances -- concerts, ceilidhs, and dances -- have been featured on radio and TV, at clubs, dance halls, festivals, and dance camps throughout the UK, Germany, and the US. Their recordings include Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance, The She Favourite, and John Playford's Secret Ball. A BBC Radio 2 review said of their performance at Sidmouth in 2001, "Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin play like no one else you've ever heard. Their music is breathtaking and wickedly inventive…" It is a rare treat for us to have Andrew and the two Pauls together at camp.

Paul Hutchinson graduated from church organ to accordion without ever looking back. He founded the celebrated dance band Old Pull and Push, which helped start up and played at many of the UK's premier folk festivals. His unique style means that his fingers get little rest, with a busy schedule that includes playing for dances, session work, concerts, and workshops. Paul has played with the acclaimed country rock band, Ida Red, among many others, and is currently a member of the ceilidh band, Cwm Dancing, and the celtic/jazz band, Hoover the Dog, along with Belshazzar's Feast. Paul's accordion -- and his sense of humour -- make him a favorite with dancers and concertgoers alike.

Following a spell inside the Purcell School of Music, Paul Sartin took up a choral Scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford. This led to five years with the Cathedral Choir of Christ Church, Oxford. Along with his freelance performing and session career he works with the English traditional ensemble, Doctor Faustus, and with the a cappella quartet, Mouth and Trousers. Paul also teaches, facilitates workshops, produces records, is Performance Consultant and Tutor for the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England, and is Consultant and Conductor of the Andover Museum Loft Singers. We'll hear Paul playing oboe and violin and singing with Belshazzar's Feast, and encounter his wicked sense of humour.


Noel Cragg Noel Cragg
Noel has been playing for Mayfield Morris and Sword since 2000, and all who've heard him know he is an excellent display dance musician. A man of many musical talents, he studied music at Oberlin Conservatory and participated in many early music and baroque ensembles. Noel has degrees in Musicology (Music History) and Computer Science (to some perhaps a bit odd, but not to us!). Before that Noel wasted his youth playing the oboe and piano. At camp he'll be playing for display dance classes.



Charlie Hancock Charlie Hancock
Charlie (piano, piano accordion) has been playing wonderful music for Bay Area English and contra dances for the past 10 years. Besides playing for dancers' enjoyment at local events, he programs the Berkeley 2nd and 4th Wednesday English dance series. Before finding a home in traditional dance music, Charlie had previous musical incarnations playing jazz, classical, punk, and disco (Don't ask!). He appears on recent CDs by Cathie Whitesides and Shira Kammen.


Shira Kammen Shira Kammen
Shira earned her degree in music from UC Berkeley and studied vielle with Margriet Tindemans. A member for many years of Ensembles Alcatraz and Project Ars Nova, she has played in numerous other groups and is the founder of Class V Music, an ensemble dedicated to performance on river rafting trips. Shira has performed and taught all over the world, and in addition to playing exquisite English country dance music, currently performs with the medieval ensemble Fortune's Wheel; a new music group, Ephemeros; an eclectic ethnic band, Panacea; and Trouz Bras, which specializes in dance music of Celtic Brittany. This summer Shira will also be appearing at the CDSS English-American and Early Music weeks at Pinewoods. The strangest place Shira has played in is the elephant pit of the Jerusalem Zoo.


Jim Oakden Jim Oakden
Jim is well known as an amazing and eclectic musician, sure to bring a full bag of tricks to camp. We can expect to hear him playing winds and strings and things with Shira and Charlie for country dancing, no doubt playing for and leading impromptu Balkan dancing, and goodness knows what else. The only sure thing is whatever happens, it'll be fun! Jim is also programmer for the BACDS Fall Dance Weekend and will be on staff at the CDSS English-American Dance Week at Pinewoods this summer.


George Penk George Penk
A fine English country, contra, and display dance fiddler, George is delighted to be back playing at Mendocino. George is a mainstay of the dance scene in the Pacific Northwest, playing with Jigsaw, Full Circle, and in many other configurations. He can be heard with Jigsaw on Cutting up the Floor and on A Portland Selection with Susan Songer and Clyde Curley. George will be playing for display dance and country dancing, and his energetic, inventive playing is sure to keep feet flying.


English Week is full, with a short waiting list.

For more information, call camp manager Victoria Williams
at (510) 526-5854 or email

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