Balance the Bay 2023 Schedule
August 11-13, 2023 in San Francisco, CA


Event Schedule (time slots are set but performer assignments are subject to change)

Friday night6:30pmHall opens
7:00-7:30pmCouple DancingNOVA
7:30-9:15pmContraNOVA + Michael Karcher
9:30-11:15pmContraGaslight Tinkers + Lisa Greenleaf
Saturday9:00amHall opens (some breakfast
items available)
9:30-10:00amCouple DancingNOVA
10:00-12:30pmContraNOVA + Michael Karcher
12:30-2:00pmLunch on your own (1.5 hours)
2:00-2:30pmContra MedleyGaslight Tinkers + Michael Karcher
2:45-5:00pmContraGaslight Tinkers + Lisa Greenleaf
5:30pmCatered dinner on-site
Saturday Night7:00-7:30pmConcertNOVA
Contra Party - theme: Steampunk!
7:45-9:15pmContraGaslight Tinkers + Michael Karcher
9:15-9:45pmSpecial Dessert break
9:45-11:15pmContraNOVA + Lisa Greenleaf
Sunday9:30amHall opens (some breakfast
items available)
10:00-10:30amCouple dancingGaslight Tinkers
10:30-12:30pmContraGaslight Tinkers + Michael Karcher
12:30-2:00pmLunch on your own (1.5 hours)
2:00-2:30pmConcertGaslight Tinkers
2:40-5:00pmContraNOVA + Lisa Greenleaf
Sunday Night7:00-10:00pmCounterBalance Contra Party
Open to the Public - beginner's lesson at 6:30
Gaslight Tinkers + Michael Karcher

While the Sunday evening CounterBalance contra session is included for people who have registered, it is also open to the public, so please spread the word to your friends who can't come to the whole weekend. COVID safety measures will still apply, including self-testing (some test kits will be available). $25 ($15 if low-income). Pay by cash, check, PayPal or Venmo at the door. Beginner's lesson at 6:30 pm.