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BACDS Spring Fling Dance Weekend

March 19 - 21, 2010

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You may register for camp online using the form below.  However, your registration is not considered complete until your check is received.  You may submit the form electronically and follow with the check, but be sure to print out a completed form and mail it with your check.

Checks should be made out to  BACDS and mailed to:

BACDS Spring Fling
c/o Mary Luckhardt
920 32nd Street
Richmond, CA 94804-1104

Please submit one registration form per person.  Cancellations may be subject to a penalty - see the FAQ page for details.  This year there are a number of new registration options and features.  See the FAQ page for details or contact us with any questions.

To register by mail, either print this completed form or print out our hardcopy flyer (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

BACDS 2010 Spring Fling Dance Weekend Registration Form

Contact Information
Full Name*
Age (if under 31)
Name as it should appear on your camp badge (if different than above)
Street Address*
Zip/Postal code*
Telephone* (in case we need to reach you)
Email address* (for camp communications)
I wish to room with  or in a room shared with                  

Camp Fees and Options
Adult base price (includes program, meals, and Miller/Morris dorm or camping/vehicle onsite.
If lodging in your own vehicle or tent:  . If RV, length  ft. 
(NOTE: Tent spaces are limited - Registrar will contact you to confirm availability).
Child/Youth Rates                   
I want to be a camp Sponsor.  Sponsors get the following goodies:
  • Luggage portage by youth campers
  • Cary lodge option at no extra charge (a $10 discount)
  • Bedding provided for only $10 instead of $25 (a $15 discount!)
  • A mug for the weekend (a $1-$2 discount)
  • Premium seating at the camp auction
  • Thank you poster on display with your name
  • A group photo of Sponsors by a skilled photographer
  • The thanks and appreciation of your dance community (priceless!)
Add $100
Cary Lodge (NEW: No late night singing here). 
Normally $10 - free for Sponsors.
Add $10 (if non-Sponsor)
Off-Site Lodging (adult) $220
Work Trade request - Adult (Positions are selected based on ability and willingness to work) $170
Work Trade request - Youth Age 16-30 (Youth Scholarships may cover this.  See website to apply) $0 to $170
Special Saturday-only Youth (16-30) registration including lunch, dinner with no lodging (this option has VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY and is meant as for local - Santa Cruz - dancers only) $100
Special Saturday-only Adult registration including lunch, dinner with no lodging (this option has VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY and is meant as for local - Santa Cruz - dancers only) $130
I would like to rent a set of bedding/towels from BACDS stock
Normally $25 - only $10 for Sponsors
Add $25 (or $10)
I am enclosing a discount coupon from a previous BACDS event Subtract $10 or $30
I would like to make a tax-deductible general donation to BACDS Spring Fling Dance Weekend (specify dollar amount)
I would like to make a tax deductible donation to the BACDS Youth Scholarships fund (specify dollar amount)

Total amount enclosed (be sure to check your math):

Additional Information about you:

My program interests are mainly English  Contra  Enjoy both  Non-dancer  Music  Other
If Other, specify

My food preference is Vegetarian  Omnivore  No red meat  Other (please describe):
(Note: we are limited to the foods provided by Monte Toyon; BACDS does not guarantee any dietary alternatives.  The camp will make a best effort to accommodate your needs)

I need / can offer a ride to camp.  Origin/approximate time:

I can provide hospitality for an out-of-towner.

I would like to help in some other way.  Please contact me.

Camp Roster Listing

There will be a printed roster at camp, available only to registered campers.  If you do not wish information about you published, check all that you want excluded: Name Address Phone Email 

Please add any additional comments about your registration (optional):

Please add any suggestions about this registration form (optional):

The Fine Print:  Confirmations will be sent via email.  Full camper letter will follow after March 1, 2010.  BACDS Dance Weekends are fragrance-free events.  We do not discriminate on the basis of gender.  For cancellation policies, see the FAQ.  If financially constrained, please contact us for options.

Sorry, camp's over - no more registrations

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