BACDS American Dance and Music Week — June 30–July 5, 2013 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, June 30–July 5, 2013

Class/Session Descriptions

Enjoy full days of dance, music, and other classes in a beautiful setting, with opportunities for rest and relaxation, spontaneous singing, jam sessions, lots of laughter, conversation and congenial camaraderie.

There’s non-stop dancing for dancers and wall-to-wall music workshops for musicians, all day and every night. Spend all day dancing, or spend time in intimate small and personal sessions with world-class dance musicians. Or split your time and do both! There's something for everyone, and there's ample time available to rest and contemplate.

Tentative Daily Program (subject to change)

Start the day floating with Waltzes Before Breakfast with The Avant Gardeners and friends (check out our waltz music CDs from past years!).

Contra and Square Dance morning, afternoon, and night with callers Seth Tepfer and Gaye Fifer.

Contras with Flourish: All contras, all the time, with style tips and flourishes to help make you a better dancer.

Mind-blowing contras and squares: Challenging dances that will delight you with their glorious choreography.

Smooth & flowing contras: Great music and magical transitions will keep you gliding through the dances while connecting with your partner and with the other dancers!

Improve Your Dance Calling with Seth: A class for callers of all abilities, from novice to seasoned veteran: the technical aspects of calling and the intangible elements that make a great caller.

Beginning Couple Dance with Gaye: introduction to the dances you can use at contra dances throughout your life. Learn the nuances of aware, timely leading and responsive following.

Couple Dance with Gaye: Variations in waltz, hambo, schottische, polka; practice staying connected to and communicating with your partner.

Footwork with Kalia: Whether you call it revival style, old-time clogging, flatfooting or something else entirely, this loose, improvisational style is a huge amount of fun!

Stretch and Flex with Certified Yoga Instructor Laura Light in the yurt. The multi-level class is suitable for beginners through experienced practitioners, and is safe at to try at any level. Please bring a mat and if possible, a blanket.

Traditional Crafts with Lea Smith. Bring out your creative nature. Make a basket, tie knotwork, join the Quilting Bee, and more.

Take Dance Photos That Don't Suck”, a 4-day participatory workshop with professional photographer Doug Plummer on how to take better photos at dances and find your personal voice. This workshop was one of the highlights of AmWeek 2012! Your work will grace the publicity materials for the next year's camp!

Before lunch, share your hidden talents: sing, dance, play, or recite for the entertainment of your fellow camper community during our Round Up gathering at the amphitheatre.

One-day workshops including: Waltz Swap with ErikThe Art of Sound with Marty Brenneis • Continuous Contra Medley with Eric Black • suggest your own session!

Each evening join the dancing with music and calling by our stellar staff. Dress up, dress down, but be prepared to dance up a storm. And if your wardrobe needs enhancing, browse through The Grand Marché Clothing Boutique for unique items to match your unique character. Or bring your instruments and join in the nightly staff-driven evening music session held in parallel with the dance.

After the evening dance and parallel music session, party into the night at The Perkins Roadhouse, where the entire camp gathers for snacks, more music, dancing, crafting, games and late-night activities together in one room. Enjoy the variety of camper contributions and interplay that makes our dance community so special. Trash English has to be experienced to be understood!

Best memory? … is it calling my 1st contra dance? Or, is it actually tango dancing? Or, is it every night, moving on a floor filled with a community of skilled and talented dancers and unbelievably good music!

– Dan Vilter, Covina, CA

A Waltzing Couple