BACDS American Dance and Music Week — June 30–July 5, 2013 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, June 30–July 5, 2013

Hey, Four for Three!

You know the incredible dance camp experience.
You need to experience it again.
You can do it for free by bringing three other campers along.

It's Four for the price of Three

We want to encourage people to join us at camp even if they may not yet have realized how much fun they will have. They might think they are just "Saturday Night" dancers, and aren't up to an extended dance camp. You already know how much fun it is, the unique immersion in music and dance, and the life-long friendships that are born at camp.

You know that an intensive extended dance camp is the fastest way to progress from neophyte to expert, and have the best time you've ever had while doing so.

Share this rich cultural opportunity with your friends and family, and benefit yourself as well.

Here's how it works:

  • Three full-fee ($625) campers each name a fourth person as their referral on their registration application
  • The fourth (named) camper gets free camp admission, including program, room and board

Reward yourself for introducing new campers to the unique community experience of an extended dance camp,

Or a group of four campers can attend, with each ending up paying 3/4 the cost per camper. Three pay full fee, the fourth gets in free, and reimburses the other three for a share of their camper fee (you can work that out among yourselves, kind of like splitting the restaurant tab after a shared meal). NOTE: three campers must pay full fee to BACDS. Do not pay a lesser amount; splitting the tab is up to you.

Bring new friends to camp, and enrich us all!

Dancers twirling