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Fragrance-free policy

Some dance attendees suffer from heightened sensitivity to solvents and petroleum products including perfume and fragrance. These chemicals can act not only as respiratory irritants, but also as cardiac stimulants (skyrocketing blood pressure, palpitations) and neurotoxins (symptoms include tremors, mental confusion, equilibrium loss, blurred vision). Exposure to products containing even small amounts of these chemicals can cause these symptoms.

Please understand that this is not just a preference issue - it can be a serious health issue. Chemical sensitivity results from continued exposure to solvents and products in doses thought to be safe: this could happen to any one of us. Because the dance halls are enclosed spaces, even small amounts of fragrance or scented or toxic products on a few people can add up quickly to intolerable amounts. Our fellow dancers with chemical sensitivities may not be able to attend unless we all work together to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals.

We ask that you please:

If you're not familiar with fragrance-free products, here are a few suggestions:





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