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What's on "Waltzes Before Breakfast?"

Waltzes Before Breakfast disc

Purchasing the CD...

Twelve original tunes, twelve tracks recorded live at BACDS American Dance & Music Week at La Honda in July 2011.
Includes background sounds in the dining hall before and during breakfast.

Performed by:

  • George Paul (piano)
  • Laura Light (fiddle)
  • Jaige Trudel (fiddle)
  • Adam Broome (guitar)
  • Nicholas Williams (accordian, flute)
  • Karina Wilson (fiddle)
  • Ben Schreiber (fiddle)
  • Erik Ievins (cello)
  • Heather Carmichael (cello)
  • Yona Ran (cello)
  • AmWeek Campers (waltzing and/or eating breakfast)

The enhanced audio CD includes PDF files with sheet music for all tunes.

1. Appalachian Spring

— written August 2009 for Ed Austin and Jackie Milligan at Cumberland Camp.

2. Sande's Waltz

— conceived in April 2011, it just needed someone to play it. When Alan Roberts asked George at May Madness to write a waltz for his wife Sande Gillette, this tune was perfect for her.

3. After the Shower Waltz

— written at AmWeek 2010. George emerged from the shower at 2am with a tune fragment in his head that wouldn’t leave. He went straight to the dance hall and played it until it let him know how it went. At some point he became aware of a couple dancing in the dark hall: Erik Erhardt and Karina Wilson, to whom the dance is dedicated.

4. The Beekeeper's Waltz

— written April 2011 in honor of Richard Wilson and his family. Richard always kept bees, and named the road they live on “Clover Lane”. He was an instrumental founding father of the thriving folk music community in Santa Fe, NM, and has left behind a rich and vibrant community, as well as a very musical family including daughters Laurel and Karina (Karina plays fiddle on all tracks on this album). Richard is missed by many.

5. Anna Jane Waltz

— commissioned by John Coon at AmWeek 2010 in honor of his first granddaughter, Anna Jane, born June 17, 2010.

6. Liv's Waltz/

— commissioned in 2009 at BACDS American Week by Craig Meltzner & Elaine Walters as a wedding gift for their daughter, Liv.

7. Just Once Around the Room

— written July 2010 at BACDS American Week in Mendocino for Diane Zingale and Eric Black, the camp managers. Diane and Eric are often so busy behind the scenes that when the waltz comes up, they only can take time for once around the room.

8. Bettine's Waltz

— written in May 2011 for Lawrence Wallin in honor of his wife Bettine. Bettine’s presence was felt at a dance in Santa Barbara in June, 2010 the night after she had succumbed to her second battle with cancer. This tune is Bettine’s voice saying that "it’s all right."

Mother Earth is Weeping

— written November 2010, contemplating the state of the Earth while awaiting the birth of his first grandchild, Valentina.

10. Rachel's Waltz

— commissioned in 2010 at BACDS American Week for Rachel Melzner by her parents, Craig & Elaine.

11. Old Love / New Love

— written in 2006 by Laura Light for the 20th anniversary of Avis & Bob Licht. Avis notes that a long happy marriage is “old” love, because of the number of years, but also “new” love because they keep falling in love with each other every day. Laura and George married soon after this.

12. Morning Thunder

— written circa 2006, on a morning with too much coffee. It languished in George’s tune book until 2010 at BACDS American Week, when George pulled it out, as yet untitled. It was instantly clear that its name is Morning Thunder.

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