Program: Preliminary Schedule 2019

Hey Days 2019 will open on Sunday July 7, 2019. Dinner will be served that evening and will be followed by a dance. The week will close after breakfast on Sunday, July 14.

If you like to dance, sing, play music, take workshops, and party all day long and into the wee hours, the schedule provides that opportunity. You may also choose to take time off to visit with friends, relax in the sun, swim in the pool, go for a walk, or peruse the well-stocked bookstore. Either way, take this opportunity to try something new!

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8:00 AM Breakfast

Class 1

Advanced ECD: The Joy of Dancing Well (Bruce Hamilton with Trio Picante)
ECD: Impropriety For All (Brooke Friendly with Chip Prince and Audrey Knuth)
Music Off the Page (Emily O'Brien)
Singing: Song Session Dynamics (Nicole Singer)

Class 2

ECD Connection: Music and Movement (Bridget Whitehead with Charlie Hancock, Audrey Knuth, Emily O'Brien)
Morris Dance
(Gillian Stewart with Jim Oakden)
Callers Workshop (Bruce Hamilton)
Esemble Playing
(Kate Barnes)

12:00 PM Lunch

Class 3

ECD: Expect the Unexpected (Brooke Friendly with Chip Prince, Daniel Beerbohm, Emily O'Brien)
Longsword (Gillian Stewart with Charlie Hancock)
Tunes from South of the Border (Mary Lea)

Singing: Song Leading (Nicole Singer)

Class 4

ECD For All: The Breadth of the Genre (Bruce Hamilton with Charlie Hancock, Mary Lea, Kate Barnes)
Percussive Dance and Singing (Gillian Stewart and Nicole Singer with Audrey Knuth)
Care of Body and Mind: Stretching+ (Bridget Whitehead)
Getting in the Groove (Daniel Beerhohm)

3:45-4:30 PM Tea & Gathering at the Cooperage (Nicole Singer)

Grab Bags and Special Events

Grab Bag (a variety of campers and staff)
Special Events (Auction, BBQ and Morris Tour on campus)

6:30 PM Dinner

7:45-8:00 PM Pre-Dance Fun

8:00-10:30 Evening dance

10:30 PM+ General Merriment


Dance photo by Michael Siemon