Hey Days - July 7-14, 2019

Come join us July 7-14 2019, for Hey Days, the 39th annual BACDS English Country Dance and Music Week. Our beautiful new facility is Sonoma State University in the scenic wine country of northern California. We look forward to a wonderful week of dancing, singing, music-making, and friendship, with a good dose of merry abandon.

"I really loved the week! I appreciated the atmosphere of the week, particularly the balance of excellence in dancing along with kindness on the dance floor. And what an incredible group of people! There was such good humor and shared joy throughout the camp."

We will offer classes in historic and contemporary English country dance, ritual/display dance, song, and a full music track. We promise a program that will challenge and delight both new and experienced participants complete with campers’ night, pool parties, and a daily gathering for campers and staff to share hidden talents.

"I have been in another world of joyfulness - doing dances that I love with friendly and sociable people, to superlative music-making."

Throughout the day you’ll have ample opportunities for both learning and leisure, with time to explore new skills and enjoy new friends. At night there will be more dancing, plus opportunities for after-hours diversions.

"I loved the friendly forgiving dance environment and the explicit leadership in that direction. Good to laugh over mistakes and go on dancing."

Hey Days will open at 3:00 pm on Sunday July 7. Dinner will be served that evening and will be followed by a dance. The week will close at 10:00 am, after breakfast on Sunday, July 14.


BACDS is an affiliate member of The Country Dance and Song Society. If you are not a CDSS member, this is a great time to join!