Past Programs: 2018


English Country Dance: Joanna Reiner-Wilkinson, Gaye Fifer, Brooke Friendly (program director)
Border Morris: Alex Cumming
Singing: Alex Cumming, Shira Kammen
Organizers Workshop: Gaye Fifer
Waltz: Gaye Fifer
Musicians: Roguery (Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen, Jim Oakden); Alchemy (Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, Eric Martin); and Sande Gillettee
Sound Engineer: Alan Roberts

Evening Dance Programs

Sunday, August 19

Minor Spaniard
Turning by Threes
Sapphire Sea
Eastbourne Rover
Mile of Smiles
Indian Summer
Three for the Rivals
Pony Express
Bath Carnival
Marjorie's Sou'wester

Monday, August 20

Take a Dance
Come with Voices Singing
Bonny Cuckoo
Muriel's Measure
Trip to Tunbridge
Leslie's Valentine
Sunlight Through Draperies
Sally in our Alley
Midwinter Maggot
The Homecoming

Tuesday, August 21
Comical Fellow
Sweet Mischief
Drops of Brandy
Tomson's Whim
Mendocino Cure
Beggar Boy
Mulberry Gardens
Leather Lake House
Ashford Anniversary
King of Poland
The Punch Bowl
Old Wife Behind the Fire

Wednesday, August 22

Jack by the Hedge
Pluck Me a Fig
The Fuerst Maggot
Beach Spring
Blythe Company
Trip to Provence
Softly Good Tummus
followed by a Ceilidh dance

Thursday, August 23 – Camper Night

Well Hall
Long Odds
Make the Sun Dance
Leah's Waltz
Sweet Cream
Kelsterne Gardens
Yellow Stockings
The Female Saylor
When Laura Smiles
Leaving of Liverpool
In the Bleack Midwinter
Meeting and Parting
Gigue for Genny
We Meet Again

Friday, August 24

Cockle Shells
Patch the Pipes
Lucky 7
Orleans Baffled
Banjo in a Bear Suit
Prince George's Birthday
The General Grooviness of the Universe
Love Always
The Astonished Archeologist
Easter Thursday
The Jolly Company
Highland Farewell

Saturday, August 25

Key to the Cellar
Candles in the Dark
The Physical Snob
Barbarinie's Tambourine
Katherine Street
The Chocolate Equation
The Potter's Wheel
A Trip to Kilburn
A New Leaf
Farmer's Joy
Mary K
Autumn in Amherst
St. Margaret's Hill
Good Man of Cambridge


Advanced Impropriety, with a Scottish influence (Brooke Friendly)

The Friendly Brooke
De Novo
Footprints in the Sand
Touch Wood
Rare Vintage
Amethyst Brook
Through the Looking Glass
V (Vee)
Home Again
Sea Shadows
Pilot Rock
Scales of Justice
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
The Bemused Benthologist

ECD Technique: Stepping Stones (Joanna Reiner-Wilkinson)

Juice of Barley
The Archer
Cadger's Caper
The Boatman
Dick's Maggot
Miss DeJersey's Memorial
Apollo's Hunt
Young Damon's Flight
Madame Fifer's Inauguration
Rebekah Ridinghood
Under the Influence
If Love's a Sweet Passion
Waverly Ahoy
Jacob Hall's Jig
From Aberdeen
Hudson Barn
Astoria Lass
Whately Barn
Trip to the Jubilee
Playing the Field
Barham Down
An Early Frost

ECD For All: Theme and Variations (Joanna Reiner-Wilkinson)

Dancing Across the Atlantic
O Susato
Hazelfern Place
Little Sir Isaac
Room for Ramblers
The Delighted Dendrologist
Cockle Shells
Pat's Tradition
The Introduction
Bryon's Boutade
De'il Take the Warr
Maiden Lane
The Longest Night
Highlander's Humour
Flora and Phaeon
Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration
Jumper's Chase
Nine Tailors
Peter and Peggy
Far Away
Wakefield Hunt
Halfe Hannikin
Waters of Holland
Ani's Waltz
Mrs Pomeroy's Pavane
Westward Bound
Banish Misfortune
Ties of Love
Cobbler's Hornpipe
Pine in the Pot
Tunbridget Beauties
Fiddler's Feat

ECD For All: Lovely to Lively (Gaye Fifer)

Geud Man of Ballangigh
The Dancing Wife
Mulberry Gardens
Trip to Tunbridge
Well Done Jack
Early One Morning
Bonnie Grey-Eyed Morn
The Ragg
Young Widow
Orange Nan
Kneeland Romp
Fair and Softly
Corelli's Maggot
Jovial Beggars
Easter Morn
Far Away
Key to the Cellar
St. Katherine
Domino 5
After Dinner Maggot
The Astonished Archeologist
Lover's Knot
Knole Park
My Lady of the Lake
Mr. Legge's Initiation
Garland for Judi
Autumn in Amherst
Mendocino Redwood
Elverton Grove
Emperor of the Moon
Woodstock Park

Dance Here Now (Brooke Friendly)

Jack's Health
Leather Lake House
Three Gude Men
Willow Creek
Rain on the Roof
The Mock Hobby Horse
Christchurch Bells
Hole in the Wall
Collier's Daughter
The Dancing Betty
Trip to Paris
Six for the Six Proud Walkers
The Pretty Nun
Enfield Common
Prince George's Birthday
Dargason (as circle mixer)
An(other) Improper Notion
Anna Maria (3/2)
Indian Queen
and a variety of made up dances for various helping and learning exercises (including a dance hash)