Past Programs: 2017


English Country Dance: Andrew Swaine, Kalia Kliban, Brooke Friendly (program director)
Molly Dance: Daisy Black
Singing: Nicole Singer
Medieval Mystery Drama: Daisy Black
Musicians: Jonathan Jensen, Charlie Hancock, Jon Berger, Nicky McConkey, Anna Patton, Owen Morrison, and David Knight

Evening Dance Programs

Sunday, August 20

Walpole Cottage
Lilli Burlero
Juice of Barley
Mount Hills
Turning By Threes
The Archer
The Homecoming
Jumpers Chase
Waters of Holland
Christchurch Bells
We'll Bed and We'll Weed
Softly Good Tummus

Monday, August 21

Zepher’s and Flora
East Indian
On Wittman’s Golden Floor
The Goose and the Gridiron
Sally in Our Alley
Levi Jackson Rog
Autumn Moon
Mr. Hamilton’s Inauguration
Leather Lake House
Miles of Smiles

Tuesday, August 22
Willow Creek
Cherries and Chocolate
An Early Frost
Twelve Reel
Barn Elms
The Potter’s Wheel
Highland Farewell
Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig
K & E
Never Love Thee More
Dunant House Waltz
Mr Cosgill’s Delight
Key to the Cellar

Wednesday, August 23

Titchmarsh Assembly
Maiden Lane
Old Noll’s Jig
Duke of Kent’s Waltz
Kelsterne Gardens
Picking Up Sticks
Mad Moll
Honeysuckle Cottage
followed by a Ceilidh dance

Thursday, August 24 – Camper Night

The Minor Spaniard
The Night Peece
Trip to Kilburn
The Merry Andrew
Whiskey Before Dinner
Well Hall
Faeries and Fools
Braes of Dornoch
Child’s Christmas in Berkeley
Salamanca Castanets
Jacque Latin

Friday, August 25

Breakfast with Coyote
Halfe Hannikin
Hambleton’s Round-O
Chocolate for Breakfast
Trip to Tunbridge
The Ragg
Autumn Gifts
Flowers of Edinburgh
Miss Anderson’s Allemande
The Dusty Miller
After Dinner Maggot
Pat’s Tradition
To Dance Divine
Barbarini’s Tambourine

Saturday, August 26

Gathering Peascods
Jack’s Maggot
Cheshire Rounds
Collier’s Duaghter
Blythe Company
Hamburger Special
Hole in the Wall
The Physical Snob
Woodstock Park
The Pursuit
Wibsey Roundabout
Freeford Gardens
Tom Jones
The Old Wife Behind the Fire


Watermelon To Chocolate (Brooke Friendly)

Buttered Peas
King’s Penny
Orleans Baffled
Take a Dance
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Cherries and Chocolate
Knives and Forks
Bath Carnival
Speed the Plough
Easter Thursday
The Wive’s Victory
All Who Wander
Flowers of Edinburgh
Standard Conclusions
Set for Spring
Rare Vintage
Hambleton’s Round-O
A Concealed Health
Trim the Sails
Upon the Morning Breeze
Hole in the Wall

Advanced ECD: The Reconstructions of Andrew Shaw (Kalia Kliban)

Old Maid in Hopes
Count Leon
Mr. Kynaston’s Famous Dance
Mrs. Hill’s Dance
Young Damon’s Flight
The Jolly Company
Bickerstaff’s Prophesie
Harlequin in the Mud
Cupid Disarm’d
Mr. Lane’s Magot
The Royal Galliard
Neat, Mr. John
Pall Mall
The Happy Couple
Tomson’s Whim
Trip to Holy-Well
Bonny Kate of Perth
Emperor of the Moon
Sam’s Maggot
Three Coney Walk
Beautious Grove
Royall Fishery
King’s Maggot
Whitsun Holidays
Lady Dainty
Well House

Zesty Playford (Andrew Swaine)

Sellenger’s Round
Upon a Summer’s Day
The Spanish Gypsy
Stingo, or The Oil of Barley
Millison’s Jig
Hit and Misse
Have At Thy Coat Old Woman
Peppers Black
Green Stockings
Epping Forest
Cuckolds All A Row
Parson’s Farewell
Grays Inn Maske (Lovelace)
Jack Pudding (Lovelace)
La Chasse (Feuillet)
Jeanne Qui Saute (Feuillet)
Dick’s Maggot
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot
The Hare’s Maggot
Easter Thursday
Barham Down
Moll Peatley
Joan Sanderson (The Cushion Dance)
Drive the Cold Winter Away

Strengthening Your Core (Kalia Kliban)

Midnight Ramble
Corelli’s Maggot
New Year’s Day in the Morning
Chocolate Round-O
St. James’s Park
Mrs. Savage’s Whim
Chocolate for Breakfast
Rebecka Ridinghoode
Domino Five
Waves of Grain
Gold for the Mahieus
The Viking’s Sheepskin
Mike’s Health
Bellamira (Bolton interpretation)
Chocolate Equation
Spring in Sebastopol
The Flying Sorceress
Sapphire Sea

The Dances of Pat Shaw (Brooke Friendly)

Ty Coch Caerdydd (Red House of Cardiff)
Sweet Rosie Red
Miss de Jersey’s Memorial
Mr Ganiford’s Maggot
The Phoenix Rejuvenated
The Betrayed Lover
Quite Carr-ied Away
Another Nancy’s Fancy
Slof Galliard
Halsway Sicilian
Glady’s Galop
John Tallis’ Cannon
Trip to Orpington
Dear Papa and Dear Mama
Round Pond