Past Programs: 2016


English Country Dance: Joseph Pimentel, David Millstone, Mary Devlin (program director)
Square Dance: David Millstone
Singing: Fred Todt, Shira Kammen
Intro to Acting: Dan Kozloff
Musicians: Shira Kammen, Fine Companions (Betsy Branceh, Lisa Scott, Bill Tomczak, Erik Weberg), Goldcrest (Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts, Dave Wiesler)

Evening Dance Programs

Saturday, July 30

Highland Lilt
Belle of Greensboro
Chelmsford Assembly
Belgia Retrieved
La Gavre
Kind and Easey
Mrs Savage’s Whim
Red and All Red
Wakefield Hunt

Sunday, July 31

St. Margaret’s Hill (FTWK)
The Hop Ground
Gavin’s Fancy
Shrewsbury Lasses
Jacque Latin
Salt of the Earth
Bath Carnival
Mr. Hamilton’s Inauguration
Highland Farewell
Bloomsbury Market
Orange Nan
Vermont Friends

Monday, August 1
Fandango (FTWK)
Fourpence H’penny Farthing
The Indian Princess
The Merry Andrew
The Archer
Charlene’s Celebration
Rebecka Ridinghood
New Hampshire Nocturne
Mr. Millstone’s Inaugration
Prince of Westborough
Mary K

Tuesday, August 2

Prince William (FTWK)
Tythe Pig
The Lover’s Knot
Mount Hills
Gower Wassail
The King of Poland
Emma’s Commencement
Physical Snob
The Spring
Cumberland Square
Walton Abbey
Up with Ailey
Spanish Jig

Wednesday, August 3 – Camper Night

Kelsterne Gardens (FTWK)
Farmer’s Joy
Rafe’s Waltz
The Bishop
Round About our Coal Fire
Bonny Cuckoo
Jack by the Hedge
Farewell Marian
Apley House
Scotch Cap
Cockle Shells
Braes of Dornoch
Easter Thursday
Well Done, Jack

Thursday, August 4

Trip to Tunbridge (FTWK)
Mendocino Redwood
Well Hall
Leather Lake House
Red House
Turning by Threes
Never Love Thee More
Softly Good Tummas
Vanga Land
Sion House
Margate Hoy
Easter Morn
When Laura Smiles
Benjamin’s Birthday

Friday, August 5

Newcastle (FTWK)
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Elverton Grove
We Meet Again
The Longest Night
Upper Valley Waltz
The Purple Nag
Autumn in Amherst
De’il Take the Warr
Money Musk
Hit and Miss
News from Tripoli
Old Wife Behind the Fire


Introductory ECD Class (David Millstone)

St. Albans
Rufty Tufty
Upon a Summer’s Day
Zephyrs and Flora
Jenny Pluck Pears
Knole Park
Dover Pier
Rakes of Rochester
Lilli Burlerlo
Trip to Kilburn
Hole in the Wall
Jack’s Maggot
De’il Take the Warr
The Pursuit
Duke of Kent’s Waltz
Mr. Cosgill’s Delight
Juice of Barley
Sun Assembly
Orleans Baffled
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Kelsterne Gardens
Female Saylor
Mad Robin
Trip to Paris
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot

Advanced ECD class (Joseph Pimentel)

Sun Assembly
Dunsmuir Waltz
After Dinner Maggot
Epping Forest
Gold for the Mahieus
Wa’ is Me, What Mun I Do?
The Pharmacist’s Pleasure
Westaire Court
Mrs. Hill’s Dance
Cupid’s Garden
Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot
Peace & Joy
Barham Down
Mrs. Hill’s Dance

ECD for All class (David Millstone)

St. Margaret’s Hill
Come with Voices Singing
Waters of Holland
Waves of Grain
Hartburn Village
Sir Roger
Felix’s Name Day
Trip to Provence
Slof Galliard
Muriel’s Measure
Stepping Stones
Prince William
Ani’s Waltz
Sharon of the Green
January Girl
Long Live London
Kelsterne Gardens
Town Meeting
Waltham Abbey
Trip to Tunbridge
Cool Moon
Zither Man
Measured Obsession
The Homecoming
Under the Influence

ECD for All class (Joseph Pimentel)

Minor Spaniard
Astonished Archaeologist
Bonny Grey-ey’d Morn
The Black Nag
Excuse Me
Anna Maria
Set for Spring
Dance of a Lifetime
Six for the Six Proud Walkers
The Treasure of the Big Woods
The Merry Conclusion
White Wheat
Mr. Legge’s Initiation
Renewed Friendship
The Gay Young Squire
Vanga Land
Beach Spring
Shandy Hall
Sring in Sebastopol
Two Cousins
Perpetual Motion
Peace Be With You

Square Dance (David Millstone)

Hot Time in the Old Town
Duck Through & Swing
Paul Jones (mixer)
Big Set
Cheat or Swing
Forward Six & Back
Lady Be Good – Ed Gilmore
Quadrille Joyeux
Texas Star
Big Set (Georgia Rang Tang, Make a Basket)
Peek-a-Boo Over and Peek-a-Boo Back
Texas Whirlwind – Ricky Holden
Synchromesh Square
Harlem Rosette / Calico Top
Box the Gnat, Swat the Flea
Big Set with additional figures
My Little Girl
Rod’s Quad #2
Double Box Knot
Alabama Jubilee
Perceptual Motion
Fluid Drive
Lazy H
Milagro Square (Take Three Swings)
Redwing (Dip & Dive)
Divide the Ring and Corner Swing
Texas Stardom
Let’s All Face Out