Past Programs: 2013


English Country Dance: Andrew Shaw, Scott Higgs, Kalia Kliban, and Sharon Green
Longsword: Kalia Kliban
Couple Dance: Adrienne Simpson
Singing: Adrienne Simpson
Engish Dance Callers Course: Scott Higgs
Photography Workshop: Paul Bestock
Musicians: Jon Berger, Charlie Hancock, Wayne Hankin, Debbie Jackson, Rebecca King (program director), Michelle Levy, Jim Oakden, and Martha Stokley

Evening Dance Programs

Sunday, 8/18/13
Trip to Woodstock
Lyme Park
Tomson’s Whim
Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom
Black Jack
Siege of Limerick
Love Always
Sun Assembly
Bonny Cuckoo
The Old Wife Behind the Fire

Monday, 8/19/13
Soulton Jigg
Dunrobin Castle
Orange Nan
Free Mason’s Health
Gentleman’s Delight
John’s Folly
Emma Turns Three
Braes of Dornoch
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Fair and Softly
St. Martin’s Lane
Rosamond’s Pond
The Homecoming

Tuesday, 8/20/13
Take a Dance
Up with Aily
Astonished Archeologist
Key to the Cellar
Dusty Miller
La Gavre
Emma’s Commencement
Engaging Engineer
Wa’ Is Me
Senior Moments
Bar a Bar
Jaque Latin

Wednesday, 8/21/13
Wooden Shoes
MacDonald’s March
The Pursuit
Tom Jones
Rosamond’s Pond
Vivaldi in Paradise
Young Phillis of Wakefield
Mrs. Hill’s Dance
Ely Minster
The Jolly Company
Brimstone and Treacle
The Oldenburgh Bonnet
Emperor of the Moon

Thursday, 8/22/13 (Campers' night)

Friday, 8/23/13
Blenheim Pound
A Trip to Lille
Lovely Nancy
Shropshire Lass
Emma’s Waltz
A Trip to St. John’s Court
The Drifter
Mad Robin
Minor Spaniard
Whately Barn
Leather Lake House
Bonnie Cuckoo
Softly Good Tummus

Saturday, 8/24/13
Jovial Beggars
Hambleton’s Round O
Kelsterne Gardens
Softly Robin
Britain’s Glory
The Highlander’s Humour
An Early Frost
Saturday Triad
Peace Be With You
Levi Jackson Rag
Easter Morn
Barbarini’s Tambourine


ECD Advanced: Next of Kynaston (Andrew Shaw)

ECD: From Set Dance To Longways (Andrew Shaw)

ECD Reconstruction (Andrew Shaw)

ECD: Perfect Harmony (Scott Higgs)

ECD: Dancing for Joy (Kalia Kliban)