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What is an "experienced dancer"?

BACDS dances are open to all, regardless of levels of experience. However, we do have one dance which is designated "for experienced dancers": the 4th Saturday English series at the Grace North Church.

According to Lise Dyckman, programmer of the series, the 4th Saturday series is:

For dancers who are already familiar with the basic repertoire of English country dance movements.

Starting in April 2002, we are experimenting with a newer format for this series. We'll spend some time each evening working on style, trying to take our collective dance expertise up to the next level; and we'll add a few somewhat challenging dances, too. We'll also enjoy a somewhat faster pace in the teaching. Each evening there will also be plenty of familiar and favorite dances, with quick walk-through calling. Come enjoy the camaraderie, physical and mental stimuli, and glorious music!

Do you have someone you would like to introduce to the joys of English country dance? May we suggest -- bring them to one of the BACDS Berkeley Wednesday dances (in the same hall, second and fourth Wednesdays each month), the Palo Alto English dance (1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays), or to one of the BACDS San Francisco English dance (on the second Saturday each month). Or come to the new location - Mountain View - for the BACDS south Bay English dance (first and third Wednesdays of each month).

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