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BACDS Events Calendar

March 2019

Schedule of Events

March 01ENGLISHMTAlan Winston & Lise DyckmanNonesuch Country Dance Band (Daniel Soussan, Mark Daly, Mary Tabor) with Robin Lockner & William Allen
March 02CONTRASFEric BlackJess Newman, Christopher Jacoby, Chris Knepper
March 03ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonCraig Johnson, Robin Lockner - Playford Ball Workshop, 3–6 pm, $12
March 05ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonLaurie Chastain, Paul Kostka, Patti Cobb
March 06CONTRACCBAndy ShoreOpen band led by The wiNgNuts (Chris Knepper, Isele Harper, Will Wheeler)
March 08ENGLISH/REGENCYSMEAlan WinstonOpen Band led by Divertimento Focus on dances for the BAERS Cyprians Ball
March 09CONTRAFUMEric BlackFrequent Flyers (Laura Light [NC], Daniel Steinberg, Amy Cann [VT])
March 09CONTRA/WORK-SHOPRHMJacqui Grennan [SoCal]Callers’ workshop 12:00–1:30pm, and attendees call at the Sunday Contra College Grad Dance, $20. Preregistration Required. See
March 09ENGLISHSJPBruce HamiltonMaggie Moore, Rob Powell, Bill Jensen
March 10CONTRARHMCC Callers’ Workshop GradsAudrey Knuth, Christopher Jacoby—Extra Contra College dance on Sunday, 4–7pm, $12/$10/$6
March 10ENGLISHFSJRachel PuseyPhoenix Rising, workshop 2:15, dance 2:30–5:00
March 12WOODSHEDHPPmaybe you?maybe you? - A peek backstage, free for everyone. Callers try out new material, teaching techniques, etc; dancers give input and things get better. Join us!
March 13ENGLISHCCBAlisa DodsonAudrey Knuth, Christopher Jacoby, Patti Cobb
March 15ENGLISHMTDilip Sequiera & Rachel PuseyNonesuch Country Dance Band (Daniel Soussan, Mark Daly, Mary Tabor) with Robin Lockner & Bill Jensen
March 16CONTRASFDane Wallinga (calling Larks and Ravens)The wiNgNuts (Chris Knepper, Isele Harper, Will Wheeler)
March 16ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittPatti Cobb, Shira Kammen Playford Ball Workshop, 7–10 pm, $12
March 17CONTRAFSJSusan PetrickBuddy System (Noah VanNorstand [NC], Julie Vallimont [MA]), Intro 2:30, Dance 3–6 pm $14/12/7
March 19ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonSusan Worland, Elizabeth Todd, Bill Jensen
March 20CONTRACCBSusan PetrickBuddy System (Noah VanNorstand [NC], Julie Vallimont [MA])
March 23CONTRAFUMSusan PetrickBuddy System (Noah VanNorstand [NC], Julie Vallimont [MA]), special price $14/$12/$7
March 23ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanChristopher Jacoby, Susan Worland, Charlie Hancock (for experienced dancers)
March 24CONTRAHVCKelsey HartmanBuddy System (Noah VanNorstand [NC], Julie Vallimont [MA]), 4–7 pm
March 27ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittOpen Band led by Caroline McCaskey, Elizabeth Todd, Patti Cobb
March 29ENGLISH/SPECIALHVCCavalcade of CallersCharlie Hancock, Anne Bingham Goess Playford Ball Rehearsal, 8–11 pm, $15
March 30CONTRAFUMAndy ShoreDerry Akin, Jess Newman (both from Pepperjack) joined by Jeff Spero [SoCal] for second half.
March 30ENGLISH/SPECIALSJWBruce HamiltonChristopher Jacoby, Bill Jensen, Audrey Knuth, Tom Lindemuth
38th Annual BACDS Playford Ball! 7:15–11pm. Pregistration required
March 31CONTRAHVCCharlie FentonAudrey Knuth, Christopher Jacoby 4–7:15 pm Zesty!

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