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BACDS Events Calendar

May 2017

Schedule of Events

May 02ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonClara Stefanov-Wagner, Elizabeth Todd, Bill Jensen
May 03CONTRACCBErik HoffmanBuddy System (Noah VanNorstrand [NY], Julie Vallimont [MA])
May 05ENGLISHMTNikki Herbst (IA)Nonesuch Country Dance Players (Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with Bill & Susan Jensen
May 06CONTRASFJean Gorrindo [SLO]Buddy System — Special Techno Contra, Special Price: $12/$10/$6
May 09WOODSHEDHPPMaybe you?Maybe you? - A peek backstage, a look at new stuff, a chance to try calling. Free for everyone.
May 10ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBNikki Herbst [IA]ENGLISH DANCE WORKSHOP 6:45–730pm for experienced dancers (fluent in heys and double figure-eights) — $5
May 10ENGLISHCCBNikki Herbst [IA]The Modulations (Jon Berger, Charlie Hancock, Ellen Hoffman)
May 12ENGLISH/REGENCY/SPECIALSMEAlan WinstonOpen band led by Divertimento (James Langdell, William Allen, Paul Kostka) — In the social hall as usual but going 7:00 to 9:00 this month only; note early start!
May 13CONTRAFUMAndy ShoreCommunity Band led by Erik Hoffman
May 13ENGLISHSJPGary ThomasMaggie Moore, William Allen
May 14ENGLISHFSJLise DyckmanThe Phoenix (William Allen, Mary Tabor) with Paul Kostka — now on second Sundays!
May 16ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonMary Tabor, Susan & Bill Jensen
May 17CONTRACCBCharlie FentonOpen band led by Kenny Blacklock, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle
May 19ENGLISHMTLise DyckmanKathy Talvitie [PA], Bob Pasquarello [PA] & friends
May 20CONTRASFAndy ShoreSwitching Protocols (Ruthie Byers, Christopher Jacoby,John-Michael Seng-Wheeler [L.A.])
May 21CONTRAFSJMavis McGaughSwitching Protocols — Intro 2:30pm, Dance 3–6, $12/$10/$5 — now on third Sundays!
May 24ENGLISHCCBAlan WinstonJanette Duncan, Isele Harper, Debra Tayleur
May 27CONTRAFUMKelsey HartmanFresh Possum (Daniel Steinberg, Ben Schreiber)
May 27ENGLISHCCBBruce HamiltonKathy Talvitie [PA], Bob Pasquarello [PA], Betsy Cooper [WA] — for experienced dancers
May 28CONTRAHVCCharlie TurnerStringFire (Elizabeth Dequine, Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb), 4–7pm, $10
May 30ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonLaurie Chastain, Paul Kostka, Lara Garner
May 31CONTRACCBKelsey HartmanCommunity Band Night led by Erik Hoffman

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