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BACDS Events Calendar

April 2016

Schedule of Events

April 01ENGLISHAMHCavalcade of CallersBangers & Mash (Craig Johnson, Stan & Susan Kramer, David Strong) — Playford Ball Rehearsal, 8–11pm, $15
April 02CONTRASFCelia RamsaySwitching Protocols (Ruthie Byers, Christopher Jacoby, John-Michael Seng-Wheeler) — Special Gender Neutral Contra!
April 02ENGLISH/SPECIALSJWLise DyckmanRuth Anne Fraley [OR], Anne Bingham Goess, Shira Kammen, Tom Lindemuth
36th Annual BACDS Playford Ball! 6:45–11pm. Pregistration required. More info at
April 03CONTRAFSJCelia RamsayWhimsical (Janette Duncan, Regan Hemphill, Beth Christian, Roxanne Oliva, Debra Tayleur) — SJ CONTRA NOW ON FIRST SUNDAY - intro session at 2:15
April 05ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Clara Stefanov-Wagner
April 06CONTRACCBFrannie Marr [SoCal]Open band led by Rodney Miller [WA], Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg
April 08ENGLISH/REGENCYSMEAlan WinstonDivertimento (James Langdell, William Allen, Paul Kostka)
April 09CONTRAFUMEric BlackBLAM! [Monterey] (Bob Silberstein, Elizabeth Todd, Marta Lynch)
April 09ENGLISHDGKBruce HerboldSusan Worland, Jenny Hanson, Craig Johnson
April 10CONTRA/FAMILYHVCMavis McGaughThe Guppies (Kathrine Gardner, Jim Oakden, Craig Johnson) — Benefit for BACDS Family Week, with fundraising raffle, 4–7pm. Admission: $10 general/$5 teens and kids
April 13ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittLaurie Chastain, Christopher Jacoby, Bill Jensen
April 13ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBINTRO TO ENGLISH DANCE with Mary Luckhardt and Christopher Jacoby — FREE! (donations gladly accepted), 6:45– 7:30pm
April 15ENGLISHMTBruce HamiltonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Mark Daly, Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Rob Powell, Mary Tabor) with Bill Jensen
April 16CONTRASFSusan PetrickTripleplay (Ben Schreiber, Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock)
April 17ENGLISHFSJLise DyckmanThe Phoenix (William Allen, Mary Tabor, Stan & Susan Kramer) — SJ ENGLISH NOW ON THIRD SUNDAY
April 19ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonShauna Pickett-Gordon, Stan Kramer, Laurie Chastain
April 20CONTRACCBErik HoffmanOpen band led by Swing Farm (Ray Bierl, Charlie Hancock, & friend)
April 23CONTRAFUMErik HoffmanPeak Nouveau (Paul Clarke, Peter Tommerup, Sarah Kirton, Karl Franzen)
April 23ENGLISHFBHLise DyckmanRebecca King, Anne Goess, Christopher Jacoby, Tom Lindemuth — for experienced dancers - at Finnish Brotherhood Hall
April 27ENGLISHCCBAlan WinstonOpen band led by Shira Kammen, Maggie Moore, Debra Tayleur
April 29ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Mark Daly, Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Rob Powell, Mary Tabor) with William Allen
April 30CONTRAFUMDonna Hunt [PA]Community Band Night — contact Susan Goodis <> for rehearsal info

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