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BACDS Events Calendar

November 2015

Schedule of Events

November 01ENGLISHFSJAlan WinstonThe Phoenix (William Allen, Stan & Susan Kramer, Mary Tabor)
November 03ENGLISHASEBruce HamiltonBill Jensen, Stan & Susan Kramer
November 04CONTRACCBKen Gall [IN]Open band led by StringFire (James MacQueen, Elizabeth Dequine, Patti Cobb, Erik Ievins)
November 06ENGLISHMTSharon GreenNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Rob Powell, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly, Daniel Soussan) with William Allen
November 07CONTRASFWarren Blier [Monterey]Tripleplay (Ben Schreiber, Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock)
November 10WOODSHEDHPPmaybe you? maybe you? a peek backstage to try out new material. FREE!
November 11ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBGraham Christian [MA]Anne Goess, Tom Lindemuth — English Dance for Experienced Dancers, $7
November 11ENGLISHCCBGraham Christian [MA]Anne Goess, Tom Lindemuth, Charlie Hancock —Dance for All, $12/10/6
November 13ENGLISH/REGENCYSMEGraham Christian [MA]Open band led by Divertimento (James Langdell, William Allen, Paul Kostka) — special guest caller with a Regency-specific program!
November 14ENGLISH/CEILIDHDGKNick CucciaBangers and Mash (David Strong, Stan & Susan Kramer, Craig Johnson) and Rob Powell
November 14ENGLISH / SPECIAL/ WORKSHOPSMTGraham Christian [MA]Fall Ball Workshop with Roguery (Anita Anderson [WA], Dave Bartley [WA], Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen), 2–4:30, included with Fall Ball admission, or $15/advance $20/ at the door for workshop only
November 14ENGLISH / SPECIALSMTGraham Christian [MA]Fall Ball with Roguery (Anita Anderson [WA], Dave Bartley [WA], Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen) — 6:30–10:30 pm, $42 if paid for (postmarked) by November 4, $50 at the door (includes 2 pm workshop); Dinner option available. See for more information
November 14CONTRAFUMMichael KarcherFresh Possum (Ben Schreiber, Daniel Steinberg)
November 15CONTRAFSJSusan PetrickRoguery (Anita Anderson [WA], Dave Bartley [WA], Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen) — $10/$12/$6
November 17ENGLISHASEMary LuckhardtBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Laurie Chastain
November 18CONTRACCBErik HoffmanOpen band led by Dave Bartley [WA], Ben Schreiber
November 20ENGLISHMTDavid NewittNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Rob Powell, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly, Daniel Soussan) with Patti Cobb
November 21CONTRASFEthan Hummel [SC]DJ Balance/Swing (Gordon Allen) — special Techno Contra!
November 25ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittOpen band led by Maggie Moore, Betsy St. Aubin, Clara Stefanov-Wagner, Debra Tayleur
November 27CONTRASFKelsey HartmanThe Newts (Chris Knepper, Noel Cragg)
November 28CONTRAFUMErik HoffmanStolen Goods (Ruthie Byers, Ben Kuhn, Christopher Jacoby) — Thanksgiving dessert potluck!
November 28ENGLISHFUOAlisa DodsonRebecca King, Shira Kammen, Maggie Moore — for experienced dancers

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