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BACDS Events Calendar

July 2013

Schedule of Events

June 30 to July 05CAMP/CONTRA/
JGmany great leaders
BACDS American Dance & Music Week in the Redwoods at La Honda, CA, Sun-Fri June 30–July 5
It's a Dance Camp with Music! It's a Music Camp with Dance!
Contra & square calling and technique by Seth Tepfer [GA], Contras & Couple dancing with Gaye Fifer [PA]; Music by Notorious (Eden McAdam-Somer [MA], Larry Unger [MA], Sam Bartlett [IN]), The Syncopaths (Ryan McKasson [WA], Ashley Broder, Jeff Spero, Christa Burch [3 from SoCal]), The Avant Gardeners (Laura Light, George Paul [both from VA]) with Jim Oakden, music tutorials with staff musicians plus Michelle Levy, Ben Schreiber SOLD OUT! — spaces may become available. BACDS AMERICAN DANCE AND MUSIC CAMP — see
June 30 to July 06CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/
FHSmany great leaders
BACDS Family Week at Foothill Horizons Outdoor Center, Sonora, CA, Sun–Sat July 1-7. A fulfilling week of music, dance, and play! — Dance sessions and workshops by Susan Michaels, Quena Crain, Mary Luckhardt, and Julie James — Music and music workshops by Andy Eggleston, Autumn Rhodes, Paul Chaffee, Will Wheeler, Kit Nelson, Kathrine Gardner, Dave Courchaine, Jerry Allen, David James, Craig Johnson, Paul Kostka, Elina Coulter — Plus Stan Fowler (lifeguard), Angela Lloyd (storytelling), Christina Lewis (clowning), Andrea Veltman (stilt walking) Space still available! — BACDS FAMILY WEEK at FOOTHILL HORIZONS OUTDOOR CENTER — see
July 03CONTRACCBCharlie FentonPatti Cobb, James MacQueen, Shira Kammen
July 05CONTRA/SPECIALLSCSeth Tepfer [GA], Gaye Fifer [PA], Kalia Kliban3 bands: Notorious (Eden McAdam-Somer [MA], Larry Unger [MA], Sam Bartlett [IN]), The Syncopaths (Ryan McKasson [WA], Ashley Broder, Jeff Spero, Christa Burch [3 from SoCal]), The Avant Gardeners (Laura Light, George Paul [both from VA]) with Jim Oakden — Special price $12/$10/$6
Extra Palo Alto Contra: Gala AmWeek Celebration at Lucie Stern Center with AmWeek staff! 8–11pm (newcomers' orientation at 7:30). Special price: $10 members, $12 non-members, $6 students.
July 06CONTRASFGaye Fifer [PA]The Syncopaths (Ryan McKasson[WA],Ashley Broder, Jeff Spero, Christa Burch [3 from SoCal]) — Special price $12/$10/$6
July 09WOODSHEDHPPMaybe youCommunity Band - community callers - a look backstage to try out new dances — see us on FaceBook at
July 10ENGLISHCCBSharon GreenStringFire (James MacQueen, Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb)
July 10ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBSharon GreenStringFire (James MacQueen, Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb) — Introduction to English Dance, 6:45–7:30 — FREE (donations gladly accepted)
July 13CONTRAFUMLynn AckersonMacArthur Road (Deniz Akin, Derya Akin, Molly McNeil, Ruth Anne Fraley)
July 13ENGLISHDGKGary ThomasAnne Goess, Rob Powell, Jenny Hanson, William Allen
July 17CONTRACCBKelsey HartmanPaddy Ryan's Dream (Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock, Richard Mandel)
July 19ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mary Tabor, Daniel Soussan, Sarah Kirton, Rob Powell, Mark Daly) with Ruth Anne Fraley
July 20CONTRASFSusan PleckPaddy Ryan's Dream (Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock, Richard Mandel)
July 24ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittOpen band led by Michelle Levy, Tom Lindemuth, Rebecca King
July 24ENGLISH JAMCCBENGLISH TUNES JAM SESSION led by Michelle Levy — open to all, 6:45–7:30pm — FREE! (donations gladly accepted)
July 26CONTRASFCharlie FentonStringFire (James MacQueen, Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb) with guest Caroline McCaskey [CO]
July 27CONTRAFUMRobin SteenWildcat Canyon (Art Peterson, Stephanie Costanza, Peter Persoff)
July 27ENGLISH BAND WORKSHOPCCBJacqueline Schwab [MA]English Band Workshop for experienced musicians — 12:00–2:30pm, pre-registration required. Contact Sharon at
July 27ENGLISHCCBDavid NewittJacqueline Schwab, workshop musicians — Special dance for all, $12/10/$5, 3:00–5:00pm
July 27ENGLISHCCBJacqueline Schwab [MA]Jacqueline Schwab, Judy Linsenberg, Anne Goess, 7:30pm — for experienced dancers
July 31CONTRACCBSusan PetrickSwing Farm (Ray Bierl, Charlie Hancock, Markie Sanders)

Dance Venues

ASEAll Saints Episcopal Church555 Waverley StPalo Alto
Corner of Waverley St & Hamilton Ave
CCBChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
Between Walnut and Oxford
DGKDanceGround Keriac1805 Divisadero at BushSan Francisco
3 blocks North of Geary
FHSFoothill Horizons CampSonora
Sonora in the California Gold Country
FSJFirst Unitarian Church of San Jose160 N 3rd StSan Jose
FUMFirst United Methodist Church of Palo AltoHamilton at ByronPalo Alto
upstairs, 1 block from University, 1 block from Middlefield
HPPCarriage House at Holbrook-Palmer Park150 Watkins AvenueAtherton
JGJones Gulch Camp11000 Pescadero RdLa Honda
West of Palo Alto
LSCLucie Stern Center1305 Middlefield RoadPalo Alto
MTPalo Alto Masonic Temple461 Florence StreetPalo Alto
1/2 block north of University
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco
Corner of 43rd Avenue and Judah Street

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