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BACDS Events Calendar

July 2009

Schedule of Events

July 01CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen band led by Rebecca King, Jon Berger, Mandy Snyder
July 03ENGLISHMTLise DyckmanNonesuch Country Dance Players (Mark Daly, Mary Tabor, Paul Kostka, Bill Jensen)
July 04CONTRASFSherry Nevins [WA]Steve Hickman [VA], Jim Morrison [VA], Charlie Hancock
July 04 to July 11CAMP/CONTRA/SQUARES/MUSICMENMany leadersMany fabulous musicians
Mendocino American Week
July 05 to July 11CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/RITUAL/MUSIC/CRAFTS/WEEKFHSMany callersMany musicians
BACDS Family Dance Week at Foothill Horizons near Sonora. Families of all sizes welcome! see the website
July 08ENGLISHWORKSHOPGNCPhilippe Callens [Belgium]Night Watch (Naomi Morse [NY], Elvie Miller [Ireland])
ECD for experienced dancers this week only, 6:30 - 7:30, $6
July 08ENGLISHGNCPhilippe Callens [Belgium]Night Watch (Naomi Morse [NY], Elvie Miller [Ireland])
Special price: $10 Members, $15 Non-Members, $8 Students
July 10CONTRAHUMErik HoffmanNight Watch (Naomi Morse [NY], Elvie Miller [Ireland])
July 11CONTRAFUMEric BlackThe Avant Gardeners [Charlottesville, VA] (Laura Light, George Paul)
Fresh from American Dance & Music Week at Mendocino - be sure to join us in this after-camp celebration!
July 11ENGLISHDGKCANCELEDSummer break -- back on September 27
July 11 to July 18CAMP/ENGLISH/MUSIC/DISPLAYMENMany leadersMany fabulous musicians
Mendocino English Week
July 15CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen band led by Chris Knepper, Erik Hoffman
July 17ENGLISHMTLise DyckmanNonesuch Country Dance Players (Mark Daly, Mary Tabor, Paul Kostka) with Debra Tayleur
July 18CONTRASFErik HoffmanWest Road Band (Laura Smith, Darin Smith & friends)
July 22WORKSHOPGNCMary LuckhardtAnne Goess
Intermediate ECD Workshop, 6:30 - 7:30, $5. Some ECD experience required
July 22ENGLISHGNCKalia KlibanThe Raggedy Annes (Anne Goess, Andy Eggleston,Charlie Hancock)
July 24CONTRASFCharlie FentonHillbillies from Mars (Ray Bierl, Kevin Carr [OR], Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg
July 25CONTRAFUMGraham WaldonAlan Snyder, David Hansen
July 25ENGLISHGNCMary LuckhardtJon Berger, Erik Ievins, Shira Kammen, Michelle Levy for experienced dancers
July 26ENGLISHDGKCANCELEDSummer break -- back on September 27
July 29CONTRAGNCOpen Callers NightOpen band led by Ray Bierl, John Tuttle contact Erik Hoffman , 510-444-4397 if you want to call a dance or two
July 31ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen

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