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BACDS Events Calendar

April 2009

Schedule of Events

April 01WORKSHOPGNCErik Hoffman
Learn to Call I 6:00 - 7:30, $10 each session or $25 for all three workshops in series
April 01CONTRAGNCAlan WinstonOpen Band led by 3 O'Clock Shadow (Erik Hoffman, Peter Langston, Chris Grampp, Adam Cavan)
April 01ENGLISHFLXMary LuckhardtStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Mary Tabor
April 03ENGLISHSBECANCELEDgo to the Playford Ball rehearsal at SME
April 03ENGLISH/SPECIALSMECavalcade of CallersErin Vang, David Mostardi, Noel Cragg.
Playford Ball Rehearsal: Special price of $12 for all dancers.
April 04ENGLISH/SPECIALGOCLise DyckmanShira Kammen, Chuck Ward, Jim Oakden, Maureen Brennan
The Playford Ball! 6:45 - 11 pm.Preregistration required, see
April 04CONTRASFKen OlcottJack Knife and the Big Rigs
(Adam Cavan, Chris Grampp, Peter Langston, Michael Stadler)
CANCELLED: Hall being repaired - See you April 22
CANCELLED: Hall being repaired - See you April 22
April 10CONTRA/SPECIALOV2Karen FontanaChris Knepper, Noel Cragg
  Location change (This dance only): Oakland Veterans' Hall, (hall 2, upstairs), 200 Grand Ave at Harrison (3 blocks from the regular hall)
April 11CONTRAFUMCANCELEDHall unavailable - see you April 25
April 11ENGLISHDGKRic GoldmanJon Berger & William Allen
April 15WORKSHOPGNCLearn to Call I 6:00 - 7:30, $10 each session or $17 for remaining two workshops in series
April 15CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band led by The KnUckLe KnOcKeRs (Karen Celia Heil, Bill Foss, Martha Hawthorne,
Brendan Doyle)
April 15ENGLISHFLXSam WeilerStan & Susan Kramer, Bill Jensen
April 17ENGLISHSBEBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Mark Daly, Stan & Susan Kramer) with Bill Jensen
April 18CONTRASFMavis McGaughThe OpporTunists
(Alan Snyder, David Hansen)
April 22WORKSHOPGNCMary LuckhardtShira Kammen
Intermediate ECD Workshop, 6:30 - 7:30pm, $5
April 22ENGLISHGNCSam WeilerOpen band led by Shira Kammen, Erik Ievins, Debra Tayleur
April 24CONTRASFSusan PetrickWildcat Canyon (Meredith Axelrod, Andy Eggleston, Art Peterson)
April 25CONTRA/SPECIALODFErik HoffmanDebra Tayleur and friends; 1-hour FREE Intro to
contra dance, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
April 25ENGLISH/SPECIALODFSam WeilerStan & Susan Kramer and friends; 1-hour FREE Intro to English dance, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
April 25ENGLISHGNCSam WeilerRebecca King, Judy Linsenberg, Erik Ievins
For experienced dancers
April 25CONTRA/SPECIALFUMBob Carragher & Graham Waldon
Contra Plus! Contras and couple dances with a special all-star band. Contra lesson 7:30 - 8:30pm, dancing 8:30 - 11:30; special price: $16 w/lesson, $14 without, students half price. This is a Special Youth Leadership Initiative Dance.
April 26ENGLISHDGKBruce Herbold and David NewittHumuhumunukunukuapua'a Strathspey & Maggot Society Band (Heather MacKay, Katherine Carvajal, David Newitt, Bruce Herbold, Patti Cobb)
April 29WORKSHOPGNCLearn to Call III with Erik Hoffman 6:00
7:30, $10
April 29CONTRAGNCOpen Callers' Night Open Band led by The Raggedy Annes (Anne Goess, Ann-dy Eggleston, Charlie H-Ann-cock)
Contact Erik Hoffman ( or 510-444-4397) if you want to call a dance
April 29ENGLISHFLXBruce HamiltonStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Erik Ievins

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