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BACDS Events Calendar

November 2007

Schedule of Events

November 02ENGLISHMTLise DyckmanNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Craig Johnson
November 03CONTRASFKirston KothsLuceo (Karl Franzen, Rebecca King, Lee Anne Welch)
November 076:30-7:30 WORKSHOPGNCAlan Winston
Waltz Styling and Waltz Pattern Dances
November 07CONTRAGNCAlan WinstonOpen band led by The Repercussions (Anne Goess, Art Peterson, Debra Tayleur)
November 07ENGLISHFLXLise DyckmanStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Craig Martin
November 09CONTRAPSSRobin Steen & Lynn AckersonRay Bierl, Alan Senauke, Brendan Doyle
November 10CONTRAFUMWarren BlierHarmon's Peak (Karl Franzen, Ernest Kinsolving, Paul Clarke, Art Friedman)
November 10ENGLISHBETMary LuckhardtDavid Strong, Craig Johnson, William Allen
November 14ECDWORKSHOPGNCLise DyckmanJon Berger
Advanced Workshop, 6:30 - 7:30, $5
November 14ENGLISHGNCLise DyckmanJon Berger, Erin Vang, Noel Cragg
November 16ENGLISHMTNick CucciaNonesuch Country Dance Players with Bill Jensen
November 17ENGLISH/SPECIALSMTKalia KlibanJon Berger, Bonnie Insull, Richard Scher
Fall Ball
November 17CONTRASFCarol Ormand (WI)Joyride (OR) (Susan Songer, Kathleen Towers, Jeff Kerssen-Griep, Erik Weberg)
November 21CONTRAGNCNick CucciaOpen band led by the OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
November 21ENGLISHFLXDavid NewittStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Erik Ievins
November 23CONTRASFCharlie FentonThe OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, David Hansen (change from calendar), Topher Gayle)
November 24CONTRAFUMEric BlackWhirlin' Merlin (Margaret E. Davis, Karl Franzen, Kristoph Klover, Kris Yenney)
November 24ENGLISHGNCLise DyckmanChuck Ward, Shira Kammen & Jon Berger (for experienced dancers)
November 28ENGLISHGNCKalia KlibanOpen band led by David Strong, Andy Eggleston, Erik Ievins, Noel Cragg
November 30ENGLISHMTMary LuckhardtNonesuch Country Dance Players with William Allen

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