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BACDS Events Calendar

November 2003

Schedule of Events

November 01CONTRASFCharlie FentonFlashpoint (Jon Berger, Howard Booster, Rebecca King)
November 02CEILIDHGNCMavis McGaughThe Repercussions (Erik Hoffman, Art Petersen, Debra Tayleur)
Plus Storytelling with Sherry Kumler
November 05CONTRAGNCOpen Callers' NightOpen Band led by Chris Knepper and Friends
To call a dance contact Erik Hoffman (, 510-444-4397)
November 05WORKSHOPGNCErik HoffmanTBD
* First Wednesday Workshop Series * Shottische, Norwegian Polka, and More, 6:30 - 7:30, $5
November 05ENGLISHFLXSharon Green, Alan WinstonBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Mary Tabor
November 07ENGLISHMTSharon GreenNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Paul Kostka, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
November 08CONTRAPAErik HoffmanErin Shrader, Ray Bierl, Craig Johnson
November 08ENGLISHBETTBDBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer
November 09SQUARE and CONTRAECVErik HoffmanDavid Courchaine and Friends
November 12ENGLISHGNCDavid NewittLaurie Chastain, Robert Hill, Charlie Hancock
November 14CONTRAPSSKirston KothsStump Tail Dog (Dan Engle, Ray Frank)
November 15CONTRASFKirston KothsStump Tail Dog (Dan Engle, Ray Frank)
November 15SPECIAL/ENGLISHSMTBruce HamiltonCharlie Hancock, Kathrine Gardner, David Strong, Judy Linsenberg
BACDS Fall Ball, an English ball featuring an afternoon workshop, singing, and fine English country dancing. Check out the Fall Ball website for additional program information.
November 19CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanBobbi Nikles, Stefan Curl, Karen Warrick, Dan Warrick
November 19ENGLISHFLXJody McGeen, Alan WinstonBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Erin Vang
November 21ENGLISHMTBruce HamiltonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Paul Kostka, Mark Daly) with Ruth Anne Fraley
November 22CONTRAPAEric BlackMoving Cloud Orchestra (Paul Kotapish, Paul Machlis, Bobbi Nikles)
November 22ENGLISHGNCTom RobyRebecca King, David Mostardi, Erin Vang
For experienced dancers.
November 23SQUARE and CONTRAECVJim SaxeOpen Band led by Vista Social Club (Bobbi Nikles, Roland Nikles, Adam Cavan, Lisa Croen, Daren Santos)
November 26ENGLISHGNCTom RobyOpen Band led by Kathrine Gardner, Charlie Hancock, Debra Tayleur
November 28CONTRASFCharlie FentonModal Citizens (Kerry Parker, Pam Swan, Mariel Vandersteel)
November 29CONTRAPAEric BlackStump Tail Dog (Dan Engle, Ray Frank)
Thanksgiving Dessert Potluck

Dance Venues

BETBethany United Methodist Church1268 Sanchez StreetSan Francisco
Corner of Sanchez and Clipper Streets
ECVEl Cerrito Veterans Hall6401 Stockton AvenueEl Cerrito
One block east of San Pablo Ave
FLXFlex-It425 Evelyn AvenueMountain View
Across from Mountain View CalTrain Station
GNCChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
Between Walnut and Oxford
MTPalo Alto Masonic Temple461 Florence StreetPalo Alto
1/2 block north of University
PAYWCA of the Mid-Peninsula4161 Alma StreetPalo Alto
Between San Antonio and Charleston
PSSProspect Sierra Middle School960 Avis DriveEl Cerrito
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco
Corner of 43rd Avenue and Judah Street
SMTSan Mateo Masonic Temple100 N. EllsworthSan Mateo
At Tilton

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