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BACDS Events Calendar

March 2003

Schedule of Events

March 01CONTRASFCharlie FentonThe U-Hauls (Charlie Hancock, Chris Knepper, Jim Oakden)
March 01SPECIAL/ENGLISHMTBob FraleyBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer
Playford Workshop, 2-5 pm, $8
March 02CEILIDHGNCAlan WinstonUncle Jack's Tie-Dyed Ramblers (Jim Powell, Dr. Bill, Diane Rigda, Tim Vaughn, Rob Powell)
March 05CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band led by Square Pegs (Stepnanie Prausnitz, Barb Hansen, Erik Pearson, Allegra Yellin)
March 05WORKSHOPGNCRich Albanese [Reno]TBD
Even More Waltz 101
March 05ENGLISHFLXJody McGeenBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Erin Vang
March 07ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly, Paul Kostka), Craig Johnson
March 08CONTRAPAEric BlackBrittany's Band (Brittany Haas, Evie Ladin, Dan Warrick)
March 08ENGLISHBETAlan WinstonDavid Strong, Anise Feldman, Craig Johnson
March 09SQUARE and CONTRAECVJim SaxeVista Strings (Bobbi Nikles, Roland Nikles, Lisa Croen, Daren Santos, Adam Cavan)
March 12ENGLISHGNCBruce HamiltonDavid Strong, Anise Feldman, Debra Tayleur
BACDS Spring Weekend, with lots of great callers and musicians. Preregistration only. Find out more at the Spring Weekend website.
March 14CONTRAFINKirston KothsSwing Farm (Ray Bierl, Charlie Hancock, Steven Strauss)
March 15CONTRASFAndy WilsonBog an Lochan (Alan Snyder, David Hansen, Pat Ryan)
March 19CONTRAGNCJoyce Miller [Grass Valley]Open Band led by Chris Knepper, Erik Hoffman, Jim Oakden
March 19ENGLISHFLXJody McGeen, Sharon GreenBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Friend
March 21ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly, Paul Kostka), William Allen
March 22CONTRAPAKirston KothsThe KJammers (Kathrine Gardner, Mark Kartman, Dan Kluger)
March 22ENGLISHGNCLydee ScudderMark Carroll, Charlie Hancock, Eisaku Tokuyama
March 23SQUARE and CONTRAECVErik HoffmanOpen Band led by Square Pegs (Stephanie Prausnitz, Allegra Yellin, Erik Pearson, Barb Hansen)
March 26ENGLISHGNCRic GoldmanOpen Band led by Avis Minger, Dick Bagwell, Charlie Hancock
March 28CONTRASFJim SaxeLuceo (Rebecca King, Lee Anne Welch, Karl Franzen)
March 28SPECIAL/ENGLISHSMTSharon Green, Bruce Hamilton, David Newitt, FriendsRuth Anne Fraley, Shira Kammen, Erin Vang
Playford Rehearsal, 8-11 pm, $10.
March 29CONTRAPAEric BlackSidesaddle (Lee Anne Welch, Kim Elking, Lisa Burns, Rob Horgan, Jerry Ashford)
March 29SPECIAL/ENGLISHGOCDavid NewittThe Guppies (Craig Johnson, Jim Oakden, Kathrine Gardner), Danny Carnahan
BACDS Playford Ball. Advance tickets only, $30, call Annette Kindred 510-548-1794 or check the Playford Ball Website for more information.

Dance Venues

BETBethany United Methodist Church1268 Sanchez StreetSan Francisco
Corner of Sanchez and Clipper Streets
ECVEl Cerrito Veterans Hall6401 Stockton AvenueEl Cerrito
One block east of San Pablo Ave
FINFinn Hall1819 Tenth StreetBerkeley
Between Hearst and Delaware, 1-1/2 blocks north of University Avenue
FLXFlex-It425 Evelyn AvenueMountain View
Across from Mountain View CalTrain Station
GNCChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
Between Walnut and Oxford
GOCGreek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension4700 Lincoln AvenueOakland
MONMonte Toyon CampCathedral DriveAptos
MTPalo Alto Masonic Temple461 Florence StreetPalo Alto
1/2 block north of University
PAYWCA of the Mid-Peninsula4161 Alma StreetPalo Alto
Between San Antonio and Charleston
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco
Corner of 43rd Avenue and Judah Street
SMTSan Mateo Masonic Temple100 N. EllsworthSan Mateo
At Tilton

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