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Palo Alto Contra Dance

2nd, 4th & 5th Saturdays
-- First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto

We suggest/request that you:
  • wear comfortable, light­ clothing.
  • bring comfortable shoes with clean, non-marking soles.
  • avoid using alcohol or drugs before the dance.
  • not wear any artificial fragrances.
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Saturday, May 14
Caller: Susan Petrick
Band: Magic Reelism [Sacto Area] (David Wright, Susan Jones, Cheryl McKinney, Del Eckels)

Saturday, May 28
Caller: Alan Winston
Band: Whimsical (Janette Duncan, Regan Hemphill, Debra Tayleur, Beth Christian)

Saturday, June 11
Caller: Mavis McGaugh
Band: Switching Protocols

Saturday, June 25
Caller: Cis Hinkle [GA]
Band: Stringrays (Rodney Miller [WA], Max Newman [MA], Stuart Kenney [MA]) — Special pre-AmWeek dance, special price $12/$10/$6

Friday, July 1
Caller: Cis Hinkle [GA], Will Mentor [VT]
Band: Genticorum [Canada] (Yann Falquet, Pascal Gemme, Nicholas Williams), Stringrays [mostly MA] (Rodney Miller [WA], Max Newman, Stuart Kenney, David Surette [ME], Matt Kenney) — Special price $12/$10/$6

Extra Palo Alto Contra: Gala AmWeek Celebration at Lucie Stern Center with AmWeek staff! 8–11pm (newcomers' orientation at 7:30). Special price: $10 members, $12 non-members, $6 students.

Map to First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church, 625 Hamilton Avenue (Near Middlefield Rd), Palo Alto (upstairs in the boxy Social Hall building on the corner at Byron St.)
Get directions

Potluck Goodies at the mid-evening break!

TIME: 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.
(A free half-hour lesson begins at 7:30 p.m.)

$15 supporters,
$10 non-members,
$8 members
$5 students or low-income
or pay what you can


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