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Palo Alto Contra Dance

2nd, 4th & 5th Saturdays
-- First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto

We suggest/request that you:
  • wear comfortable, light­ clothing.
  • bring comfortable shoes with clean, non-marking soles.
  • avoid using alcohol or drugs before the dance.
  • not wear any artificial fragrances.
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Saturday, December 23
Caller: Alan Winston
Band: Pepperjack (Derry Akin, Jess Newman, Scott Jespersen)

Saturday, December 30
Caller: Dance canceled!
Band: COME BACK TOMORROW for New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 31
Caller: Kalia Kliban
Band: StringFire (Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb, Shira Kammen) New Year's Eve Contra Dance! 8 PM-12:15 AM $25, $20 (members), $10 (student/low-income) or pay what you can. Potluck contributions welcome to supplement the provided refreshments  - your chance to show off!

Saturday, January 13
Band: Come back Monday for special dance!

Monday, January 15
Caller: Cis Hinkle [GA]
Band: Maivish [New England] (Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, Cedar Stanistreet)—special post-Carnivale contra, $14/$12/$7—note special day & time! 7:30–10:30pm, Monday

Saturday, January 27
Caller: Andy Shore
Band: InTentCity [ID] (Betsy, Graham, Seth, David & Marilee Richards)

Saturday, February 10
Caller: Nick Cuccia
Band: Sorceror’s Apprentice (Lee Anne Welch Andy Imbrie, & the next generation of fiddlers!)

Saturday, February 24
Caller: Ric Goldman [OR]
Band: Tempest in a Teacup (Adrianna Ciccone Sumaia Jackson, Daniel Steinberg)

Saturday, March 10
Caller: Jacqui Grennan [SoCal], Susan Petrick
Band: Contra College with Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen, Ben Schreiber [MO], Michael Sokolovsky [MA]

Contra College is a 2-day workshop on contra dance where new, intermediate, and experienced dancers become more proficient in a relaxed, low-stress setting. preregistration required — see for information
Stay for the dance that follows!

Saturday, March 10
Caller: Susan Petrick
Band: Callers’ workshop 12:00–1:30pm, and attendees call at the Sunday Contra College Grad Dance, $20 Preregistration Required; See

Saturday, March 10
Caller: Charlie Fenton
Band: Frequent Flyers (Laura Light [NC] Emil Olguin [SoCal], Janet Muse [VA])

Saturday, March 24
Caller: Eric Black
Band: BLAM! [Monterey] (Bob Silberstein, Marta Lynch, Elizabeth Todd)

Saturday, March 31
Caller: Kalia Kliban
Band: StringFire! (Caroline McCaskey, Erik Ievins, Patti Cobb)

Saturday, April 14
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, April 28
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, May 12
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, May 26
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, June 9
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, June 23
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Saturday, June 30
Caller: tba
Band: schedule not yet published

Map to First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church, 625 Hamilton Avenue (Near Middlefield Rd), Palo Alto (upstairs in the boxy Social Hall building on the corner at Byron St.)
Get directions

Potluck Goodies at the mid-evening break!

TIME: 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.
(A free half-hour lesson begins at 7:30 p.m.)

$20 supporters,
$12 non-members,
$10 members
$6 students or low-income
or pay what you can


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