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Fanciful FALL BALL November 19, 2016
Why not contact us by email and see what might be right for you? You'll be giving something back to the dance community.

The Fall Ball is a community dance. What makes it work is the donated time, energy, and efforts of members of the dance community who help create the ball each year. We welcome volunteers and have many different kinds of tasks with which YOU can help. Or, … tasks which will need attending to.

  • Anticipating the Ball:
    • Prepare name buttons
    • Inventory & shop for supplies
    • Print signs
  • Day of the Ball:
    • Prepare, install and/or strike decorations
    • Prepare dressing rooms
    • Greet attendees
    • Set/clear dinner buffet tables
    • Set/clear evening snacks
    • Sweep intermittently
  • After the Ball is over:
    • Return everything to pumpkins
    • pack, sweep, turn off the lights