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Come to the BACDS English Dance and Music Week in Mendocino, California, from July 10-17, 2010
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Music Workshops

Music is a big part of what makes Mendocino English Week so special. We have a tremendous line-up of musicians to play for daytime workshops and evening dances (see the staff page for the full list with bios). But it’s much more than the inspiring dance music. There are several workshops tailored to musicians, plus many chances for playing together including camper band for the evening dance Wednesday evening. We’ll also have several opportunities to gather together and share songs and rounds.

This year’s music workshops include:

Camper Band
with Rebecca King
Join with your fellow campers to provide glorious music for the Wednesday night Camper-led dance. From the professional to the novice, all abilities, levels, and instruments are welcome and encouraged. This class will form into bands and rehearse the tunes, with coaching on playing for dances by Rebecca King.
Ensemble Playing
with Mary Lea
Learn how to take a bunch of individuals and turn them into a band. Beginnings and endings, tempos, solo swapping, arrangements on the fly, harmonic variety, cheap tricks… May digress into alternative styling concepts for ECD.
with Peter Barnes
We'll work on shaping melody lines and using ornamentation and improvisation to develop ideas. We will also work on technical issues in challenging tunes. Learn what to play when someone else takes the melody line, how to get to the "insides" of a tune, and how to join the melody and the backup rhythm. And we'll have fun playing beautiful music together!
with Tina Fields
EnChantMent! Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be a “good singer.” The majority of our time will be spent on simple but profound (or quite silly) chants, rounds, and part-songs in harmony from the British Isles, America, and Africa. We will also learn one complex multi-part harmony song per session. EnChantMent! sessions are both soul-uplifting and a lot of fun.
with Jacqueline Schwab
Backing up ECD in a flowing, elegant, (non-contra) style, while providing a strong rhythmic underpinning for the dancers. Chord substitutions, solos, rhythmic and harmonic variations. Choosing chords on new tunes with no indicated chords.

Outdoor circle of musicians

English Week 2010 is currently sold out, with a wait list.

For more information, please check with our camp manager, Loretta Guarino Reid,
or our camp registrar, Denis Thalson (510-704-9561,

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