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Come to the BACDS English Dance and Music Week in Mendocino, California, from July 11-19, 2009
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Our Targeted Scholarships

Jude Biggs Musician Scholarship

The joy and thrill of BACDS dances depends on inspiring live music provided by a dedicated and skilled community of musicians. BACDS supports the development of musical skills in its community dance musicians in several ways, including sponsorship of the Jude Biggs Musician Scholarship. This scholarship provides monetary support to help country dance and display dance musicians make the transition from “promising” to “experienced” performers by attending a BACDS dance camp. We honor the memory of Jude Biggs, an early BACDS member who died young, her promise unfulfilled.

What does the Jude Biggs Scholarship mean for me?
The scholarship covers the full cost of admission to English Dance and Music Week at the Mendocino Woodlands for one person, or sometimes half the cost for two persons who are sharing the award. At camp, the recipient has the same opportunity as any camper to enjoy classes taught by outstanding dance musicians on how to play music for dancing, and is encouraged to participate in at least one dance class. There are many opportunities for informal jamming with other musicians, both staff and campers. Past recipients have participated in and helped coordinate the camper band(s) that play for the Wednesday night dance at camp. There are no special “work” responsibilities associated with the scholarship, just a chance to enjoy a wonderful week at camp!

Who can apply for the Jude Biggs Scholarship?
BACDS encourages applicants who have demonstrated ability and experience as a dance musician, but who are not yet a plausible candidate for paid camp staff. Most important is that Jude Biggs Scholars take the experience and inspiration gained at camp back to their home community to contribute to their local dances. We welcome applicants from outside the Bay Area. Past recipients of the Jude Biggs Scholarship are not eligible to apply.

I’m interested! How do I apply?
Send in your camper registration by the March 16 lottery deadline, with the box checked to indicate interest in the Jude Biggs Scholarship. Enclose with your registration, or e-mail to, a brief biography and a personal statement indicating your music background, experience, and interest in playing for community dances and attending camp as a Jude Biggs Scholar. You may include anything that would help the camp committee evaluate your suitability, such as names of references. The committee uses this information to choose a candidate and to gain approval from the BACDS Board. When applying for the Jude Biggs Scholarship, no registration deposit is required. If you are not chosen for the scholarship, but still wish to attend camp, we will ask you to send a deposit right away after we notify you of the decision. If you send a deposit with your registration and are chosen for the full Jude Biggs Scholarship, we will refund your deposit.

CDSS Youth Scholarships

Matching scholarships are available for young campers (age 18-30) to attend Bay Area Country Dance Society (BACDS) English Dance and Music Week and BACDS American Dance and Music Week. BACDS camps may accept applicants age 15-17 on a case-by-case basis if a guardian is available and space permits.

CDSS will pay half the camper fee, and a local sponsoring group would commit to the other half.

If you are a potential camper interested in this scholarship, approach your local group with the information and application form (the group must apply on your behalf).

If you are a group leader/organizer with a young adult in your community who demonstrates community leadership potential in dance, music or song, let them know about the camp and the scholarship and help them with the application process.

To apply for this scholarship:

  • Download the scholarship form.
  • The sponsoring group must fill out the top part of the application form.
  • We recommend a letter from the sponsoring group supporting your applicant.

    The individual must:
  • Fill out the second half of the application form.
  • Download and fill out the BACDS camp registration form.
  • Send both the matching scholarship application (with sponsoring group’s support letter) and the BACDS camp registration form to the camp registrar listed on the form.

The camp lottery deadline (in case of oversubscription) is March 16 (postmarked) so make sure to submit your application in time for the lottery. We will notify you in April.

As the CDSS matching scholarship program grows, they will target additional West Coast dance and music weeks, then hope to expand to non-CDSS programs across North America. We invite you to help CDSS in this work with your generous donations.

Key Contacts
• Registrar, Denis Thalson
(510) 704-9561,
• Scholarships and Manager, Tom Colton
(510) 528-7953,
• Program Director, Jim Oakden
(831) 479-9533,

List of dances taught by staff in prior years

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Registration is open!

For more information, please check with our camp manager, Tom Colton (510-528-7953,
or our camp registrar, Denis Thalson (510-704-9561,

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